Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 665
  • 300 Marquis Road Prince Albert, SK S6V 8B4, Canada - Prince Albert
    It's not three lanes, use it as a turning lane as you are about to turn. Don't drive down the side just cause your turning in 8 blocks, If you get cut off by me don't give me the finger, learn how to drive. Trust me I will cut you off.
  • 2 Ave W Prince Albert, SK S6V 8A9, Canada - Prince Albert
    Can we get the sign for gateway to the north changed to bottleneck of the north, we don't want tourists to not only think we're an ill equipped city, but also liars.
  • 3131-3145 2 Ave W Prince Albert, SK S6V, Canada - Prince Albert
    On 2nd ave south after Tim Hortons, this turning lane isn't a third lane for you to drive up until you turn at your destination five blocks up. Get into the lane when your about to make your turn, you just screw over anyone else wanting to turn cause they don't want to cut you off.
  • 1700-1702 15 St E Prince Albert, SK S6V 7J2, Canada - Prince Albert

    The loose dogs in the Nordale area is getting rather ridiculous. I don't know what's up with their owners in this area but these dogs are not pets, their simply a possession to these people. They let them run loose or give them opportunities to escape from their chains or fences. Then in a few cases I know for a fact that the owners let them loose to wander the area.

    Get these dogs off the streets!

  • 699 4 Ave Nw Prince Albert, SK S6V, Canada - Prince Albert

    Recently I went to visit the River Forks and was disgusted with the disrespect that befell upon the historical sight. This place is supposed to be a place to feel the beauty of nature and take in the peacefulness. Instead you have people burning tires, littering the grounds with their wrappers and beer cans, burning property including the last picnic table down to the steel screws. Along with all the distraction you also have someone shooting up the signs and plaques with shot guns and rifles.

    This is a beautiful place to bring your dogs for a walk and go for a little hike to an amazing place neat our city, so please respect it. If you can't respect history, stay at your place and destroy it.