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  • 805-815 Summer Street Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    This is a very dangerous situation where cars are parking on the corner of Summer St. (marked NO Parking) and Elkins St. There is a charter school at this corner, too. Low visibility around cars.
  • 520-568 Broadway Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    All of Broadway - from Arlington to Boston - requires lane lines, bike lanes, parking spaces, and additional traffic markings. The worst area is along Trum Field where cars sometimes drive three abreast and bicyclists are forced to the curb. Hopefully, the City of Somerville can produce the thorough markings as they have done around Bow Street in Union Square.
  • 693 Mcgrath Highway Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    Facing east on Broadway, there are two left turn lanes onto McGrath Highway heading north, which has THREE lanes. Frequently, the vehicle in the lane nearest the center line of Broadway (the left most lane) turns into the MIDDLE lane of the McGrath Highway lanes, forcing the other left turning vehicle into the outside (nearest the curb) lane on McGrath. Time and time again I have seen this. Yesterday, I almost creamed a woman on a moped who slid over into the lane without looking. Please put a priority on dashed turn lane markers at this intersection.
  • Harborwalk Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    Just to the right of the "Carson Beach" Sign on the beach side of the sea wall there is a small pile of glass and a used hypodermic needle. The glass is right up against the wall. It should be cleaned up.
  • 708-714 Summer Street Boston, MA - South Boston
    The very tall street lights on both sides of Summer street are not working. This area has a bus stop on either side and pedestrians crossing frequently. It is dangerous and could use street lighting, lane markings, and crosswalks!
  • 950 Dorchester Ave Boston, MA - North Dorchester
    The north bound bus stop starts in what appears to be a parking space, crosses an active driveway to a residential and commercial building, and then stretches a bus length along the curb. Ahead of the bus stop, north on Dorchester Ave., are two public parking spaces. The MBTA needs to move the bus stop forward a car space or two so that the bus stop does not cross the driveway.
  • Summer And Elkins Boston, MA - South Boston
    There have been multiple fender benders at this intersection this spring. It is almost impossible to see south bound traffic on Summer Street from Elkins. Typically, there's an SUV that parks all day long right up to the corner. There is a charter school in the building right on the corner, still the Boston Police have done nothing to enforce parking at this intersection.
  • Broadway Somerville, MA - Somerville
    Broadway from roughly Cedar Street to Central BADLY needs new lane markings in both directions. It is very unclear how many lanes are available, where the bike lane is, and where automobiles should stop at intersections.
  • 166 Willow Ave Somerville, MA 02144, USA - Somerville
    Gray water appears to be being pumped from 4 Foskett Street, flooding the sidewalk on Willow Ave. The water is freezing and making the traverse across the sidewalk very dangerous.
  • 36 Rosemont St Boston, MA 02122, USA - South Dorchester
    Cars are parked up to and sometime slightly INTO the intersection of Rosemont and Daly Streets. The intersection is dangerous. Pedestrian traffic is often blocked and the automobile sightlines are terrible. There needs to be several "No Parking" signs placed 20' back from the corners, as is the state law, I believe.
  • 210 250 Willow Ave Somerville, MA 02144, USA - Somerville
    On the south corner of Willow Ave. and Mallet Street, there is a resident permit parking only sign quite close to the corner which points in both directions, towards the corner (north) and down Willow Ave. The sign indicates that cars with resident stickers can park on the north side of the sign. HOWEVER, cars parking at this location are frequently ticketed for being too close to the corner! The sign needs to be changed or the parking enforcement personnel need to give it a rest.
  • N Harvard St Boston, MA 02163, USA - Allston-Brighton
    There are no lane marks for either north or south bound traffic going over the bridge. Is there a left turn lane? Does one have to be in the right hand lane northbound to proceed over the bridge and into Allston? Or is it all one lane? The southbound lanes are equally unclear.
  • N Harvard St Boston, MA 02163, USA - Cambridge
    There are no lane markers for either north or south bound traffic. Is there a left turn lane? Does one have to be in the right hand lane northbound to proceed over the bridge and into Allston? The southbound lanes are equally unclear.