Rank: Digital Superhero Civic Points: 1,255
  • 5201–5257 Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland 94609, United States - Santa Fe
    MLI/52nd street Bus stop shelter full of dumped items
  • 849 53rd Street - Santa Fe
    Small mattress dumped on corner
  • 5301 Genoa St Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Santa Fe
    Dumped dresser on side of street
  • Street Light Archived
    5200-5212 Dover Street Oakland, CA 94609, USA - Bushrod
    Street light #9531 is out. It is on the corner near 53rd & MLK a few feet from the 18 bus stop & nearby park. That light provides some safety for those waiting for the bus or walking from it.
  • 851-855 53rd Street Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Santa Fe
    Stop sign blocked by tree. Daily I see many cars run this stop sign on 53rd street, causing near accidents for bikers and oncoming traffic.
  • 53rd Street And Market Street Oakland, CA 94608, Oakland, California - Santa Fe
    This intersection is notorious for people speeding through the stop signs. I was involved in a collision on Saturday, June 8th, due to someone not stopping on Market Street going South after I already stopped on 53rd and was entering the intersection. The very next morning while walking my dog, I saw an 18-wheeler blow through the stop sign as well! The person on 53rd was lucky enough to stop in time and beep their horn after the fact. I was not. Neighbors who witnessed the accident agree this area is a troublesome and dangerous intersection, for walkers, bikers and drivers alike.
  • Other: Trees Acknowledged
    825 53rd Street Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Santa Fe
    Over growth of tree. I don't feel safe walking by with obstructed sidewalk view at night. One must duck to get past overhang. Also encroaching on power lines above.
  • 5308 Genoa St Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Santa Fe
    Three pairs of shoes thrown up on power lines in front of yellow house on the corner. Known source of misc blight in the past.
  • 5300 Genoa Street Oakland, CA - Santa Fe
    continual overgrowth,weeds, shrubbery blocking sidewalk, compost and "sidewalk garden" are an eyesore and not tended to on a regular basis.