• 1119 North Main Street Providence, RI - Hope
    The City of Providence in tandem with a utility company laid some piping or wiring at the end of 2012. They did a patch work job of repaving the area they dug up on North Main. Wow now with the winter freeze and thaw, this road is worse off then before they tore it up, deep potholes galore. I understand this will not get worked on until the Spring but wow it is really bad.
  • 155 Swift St Providence, RI - Charles
    I have had to lend a voice to a few neighbors already, gotta get your cars off the street or they will be towed!
  • 155 Swift St Providence, RI - Charles
    It may be due to the size of the city garbage cans or laziness, but the trash removal guys have just been taking bags out of the can and not fully dumping the trash bin in the truck. Thus the little bit at the bottom of the barrel is creating a feeding ground for maggots.
  • Blackstone Boulevard Path Providence, RI - Blackstone
    There are areas of the Blackstone Blvd. that have very deep washed out areas on the path itself, which make it dangerous to run/walk. It appears new gravel/sand just needs to be applied in some areas.
  • 100 Gaspee St Providence, RI - Downtown
    Leaving the station, along many buildings and concrete walls, there is graffiti. Looks like it has been there a number of years. Pretty disgusting sight as you enter the city of Providence on the train.