• 211 Congress Street Boston, Massachusetts - Downtown
    Every single day during rush hour (~5pm) cars queue up in the bike lane. The also use the bike lane to park and buy coffee at Starbucks. Can we please have some enforcement and some bollards?
  • 101-159 Somerville Avenue Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    During the morning commute, cars exiting McGrath towards Medford St. consistently run red lights and block the intersection. Can police please target this area for enforcement?
  • 121 Congress Street Boston, MA - Downtown
    Several federal protective services vehicles are parked and unoccupied in the bike lane. They are not responding to an emergency. Please ask police to park legally, or at least not in a place that blocks traffic, if it's not an emergency. At the very least, they should have warning lights on.
  • 42 Lomasney Way Boston, MA - Central
    Cars turning left from Martha/Cotting into the N. Station garage block traffic on Lomasney/Nashua during events at the Garden. Can we station an officer here to direct traffic for an hour or so before events?
  • 63-65 Mcgrath Highway Somerville, MA - Somerville
    Several of the drain on McGrath are clogged, allowing the right lane to flood.
  • Potholes Archived
    10-16 Monsignor O'Brien Highway Cambridge, MA - East Cambridge
    There are several new, square potholes at the intersetion of O'Brien Highway and Edwin Land
  • 10 Post Office Square Boston, MA - Downtown
    Please plow to curb
  • Pothole Open
    262-264 Monsignor O'Brien Highway Cambridge, MA - East Cambridge
    The roadway is crumbling away in the right lane of McGrath where it intersects Rufo (near the southeast corner in front of the car wash).
  • 1 Monsignor O'Brien Highway Boston, MA - Central
    The lane stripes are almost totally worn away on the O'Brien Highway.
  • 165-181 Red Auerbach Way Boston, MA - Central

    The entire length of Nashua and Red Auerbach, except for a couple handicap spaces, is signed as "No Stopping Anytime." During the evening rush, there are at least a half-dozen cars stopped or parked here, mostly in front of Spaulding or the Suffolk County Jail (the irony!).

    Please either enforce or sign for legal parking (there may be enough space for the latter).

  • 1-5 Monsignor O'Brien Highway Cambridge, MA - East Cambridge
    The striping is just about invisible on the O'Brien Highway. Even the yellow stripe down the middle is impossible to see, making near-accidents very common.
  • Pothole Archived
    1 Mcgrath Highway Somerville, MA - East Cambridge
    Two potholes in right lane in NW travel direction
  • 67-75 Mcgrath Hwy Somerville, MA - Somerville
    Can we get the lights over McGrath near Somerville Ave turned back on?
  • 10-16 Monsignor O'Brien Hwy Cambridge, MA - East Cambridge

    There's a pothole here that is about 12" deep and 24" wide. I know MassDOT must know about it, because there's now a little orange cone marking the hole.

    Unfortunately an orange cone does little to prevent wheel damage to cars and bike. Please fix this ASAP!

  • 141 Congress St Boston, MA - Downtown
    There's a giant snow pile in the bike lane. Please remove the snow.
  • 141 Congress Street Boston, MA - Downtown
    Please plow to the curb on Congress Street.
  • Traffic pandemonium Acknowledged
    211 Congress Street Boston, MA - Downtown

    Every day at rush hour (5-6pm) at Congress and High:
    Cars lay on the horn unnecessarily.
    Cars drive in the Congress St bike lane.
    Cars block the box.
    Cars fail to yield to pedestrians.

    Any chance BPD can focus on this area? Fines, signs, police presence, anything to help?

  • 50 Post Office Square Boston, MA - Downtown
    A fedex truck regularly parks in the bus stop here around 6-6:30 pm. This is a) illegal b) backs up traffic and c) is dangerous. Please enforce.
  • 52 Congress Street Boston, MA - Downtown
    Snow is blocking the bike lane. Please plow/remove.
  • 229-249 Huron Avenue Cambridge, MA - West Cambridge
    Giant snow banks here force cars to park obstructing the bike lane. Please ticket violations and clear the snow.