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Cyndi Neuhoff

Rank: Street Smart Civic Points: 95
  • Abbott Martin Road From Hilldale To Cross Creek. - Green Hills

    We are so excited to see this project has begun and is slowly progressing down Abbott Martin. Next spring be prepared to see tons of people enjoying this new investment in their community. Thank you to everyone involved.

    Would like an update on the schedule for installing this sidewalk. We were told it would be this summer. We are looking forward to safely walking down Abbott Martin.

    There is an existing sidewalk from Burlington to Hilldale on Abbott Martin and then nothing until Cross Creek. This is a busy, well traveled road that leads into Green Hills shopping areas and HIllsboro High School. Students in this area live less than a mile from Hillsboro and the bus will not pick them up if they live under a mile from the school. Lots of runners, cyclists, pedestrians, and even Moms with strollers use this now and it is dangerous. So many more people would choose to walk instead of ride this short distance to grocery stores, the mall, school, restaurants or the YMCA if they could do so safely. Sidewalks to "no where" are being built all over the city because developers are forced to put them in places that don't make sense. We would be better served if the city required developers to pay into a sidewalk fund and build sidewalks based on priority need.