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Mike, you are correct. They did excavate certain portions of the roads currently being resurfaced. I agree that re-paving there makes more sense. However, there was no excavation on Lowell St between 55th and 56th. Yet, that entire section is being repaved, well, half of it anyway. The workers I talked to said that it was a requirement of the city due to it being "new construction".

I like the trees too. Hope they wrap it up soon.

A better question is, why does the City of Oakland require them to resurface the road on 3 sides? None of those streets were in bad shape. Not only that, they're only repaving 1/2 of the road. Why?

They will be rentals. They had a meeting with the neighborhood at Destiny Arts before they started construction. 2 years ago?

I heard they had trouble with one of the contractors who were supposed to resurface the road. Now it's a different company and they are, according to one of the workers, supposed to be done on Monday 10/30. Though, I'll believe it when I see it. This whole thing has taken WAY too long to finish.

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This can be closed.
Car moved. Closing issue.
That is not private property as far as I know. The fence encloses the property on that corner and this stuff is outside the fence. If there was a sidewalk on Lowell, it would be on the sidewalk. If it makes it easier for them to pick it up, I can drag it to the sidewalk on 56th.
Sorry, but I just checked and everything is still there as photographed. Not sure why this has taken so long to get resolved. This is the 2nd time we've opened a ticket and the trash is still there.
The horizontal beams has now fallen off. Its now just hanging from some wires. This is extremely dangerous.
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Not sure why this was closed. The trash is still there. Please pick it up. Thanks.
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Not sure why this was closed. The shopping cart and all the trash is still there.
This is fixed. Issue can be closed.
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The City of Oakland Public Works Agency has received this issue. It is registered as service request # 426084. Please check back for status updates or contact us directly at (510) 615-5566.


My fault. Wrong ticket. Apologies.

I'm not sure which lights you are looking at, but the ones reported here are still not working.
None of them are working yet. If it help Public Works, here are the pole locations, and pole ID numbers:
N6359 - NW corner of Lowell @ 55th
N6360 - West side of Lowell between Aileen & 57th
N6362 - East side of Lowell between 57th & Arlington
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You must be mistaken. There is not another issue open on for this problem.