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  • 18 Rock Street New Haven, CT - Cedar Hill
    We have extended familys in this community so the small brown bin is hardly enough for a week but we can not keep doing bi weekly. They picked up the recyclables but not the trash. If we had a choose we would rather have the trash picked up when there is snow.
    All of Rock Street has not been picked up and we made sure that the snow was not blocking our cans. hopefully they are doing on friday. and not making us wait another week like we have been doing. Seems that the snow hits on our trash day. People are using there blue bins for trash and they are not emptying them...but it is not there fault that the trash in not being picked up for two weeks. And it is causing sanitation issues. If you can not pick them up for 2 weeks people should be able to use the blue bin for trash (because of the snow.)
  • 782 Orchard St New Haven, CT - Dixwell
    ALL OVER the city Harp signs are on the curb strip and public property. This is PW job to remove and fine them. At the 782 Orchard and all along that strip and other strips there is a severe abuse of this. Those campaigns are suppose to be fined for every sign. Public Works needs to get on the ball and remove these signs now.
  • 38 Warren Pl New Haven, CT - Cedar Hill
    Someone dumbed asphalt on one of our curb strip gardens. We are not sure if it was public works because the fix a pot hole there or gas company. Who ever did the road work right there dumbed all the extra product on top of our garden dystroying YEARS of care and love and hard work. We can not save the garden again. But who ever did it PW or gas should fix it!! We may have to go and dig up all the plants and move them because of this! Sad LAZY people with no regard for communitys!
  • 26 Rock Street New Haven, CT - Cedar Hill
    A pile of tires have been dumped on rock street in the park area across the street from 26 Rock St. Last night. Saw a black truck yesterday driving around with a load of garbage he slowed down and I chased him away. Could be the same truck. I am sure they unloaded the rest some where else in our area.
    Suggestion: I have a pile of tires in my yard that I need to get rid of. In order to do this I have to take time off from work and go to public works to get a voucher to take them to the dumb? For many taking the time off is not easy. If we allow people to take these things to the dumb on a Saturday and maybe find a way to log in the visit into a simple program. Instead of turning it into a giant project....which causes alot of this dumbing.
  • found cat Archived
    1207 Chapel Street new Haven, CT - Dwight
    See photo I can not take him I have to many already. But it is odd to have a stray cat over here so we think it may be a new comers pet or a student dump. He has been there for 3 days. Right behind the yale art school. A little on the thin side but appears to have been a pet.
  • Stray cat Archived
    1207 Chapel St New Haven, CT - Dwight
    hanging out in my work parking lot...thinking it has to be someones pet. It is mostly white with some tabby spots. He looks a little wore. So if you know someone missing a cat we can try to catch him.
  • 1306-1320 State St New Haven, CT - Cedar Hill
    We have over a dozen sex offenders living in this small community. Drugs being delt out in the open on state and other streets...and they are taking our cop for the upper state street area because they have more pull ...disgusting and shameful WE WANT OUR COP BACK!!! We do not want a compromise! One or 2 days will not protect...the only compomise is for you to take the sex offenders over to that side.
  • Loitering Archived
    1306-1320 State St New Haven, CT - Cedar Hill
    The whole block has a loitering issue. But convicted paroled sex offender is loitering in front of a place were kids go to by candy. He now brings his own chair to sit there. We were told this is in violation of his conditions.
  • yard debris Archived
    45 Rock St New Haven, CT - Cedar Hill
    yard debris being dumped in Snake Rock along road side. Not to bad but the piles are growing.