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  • Creekside Commons Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Hopefully, the water will not be permanently shut off -- Water is not draining. The drain could be blocked by debris OR a collapsed drain pipe. Was gonna wait until cold weather to report BUT as the water has been overflowing since July best to report it now as nobody else seems to care/bother to report.
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    Creekside Commons Park Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    The Water Fountain is still off even though weather is ON. Water Fountain also rusty -- someone did NOT use a rust-resistant paint. Please turn it on for the elderly, esp. since there are NO shade trees planted IN A PARK. Just like that park on Wash Ave across from Bloomingdale St. THAT fountain does work. Why not at Creekside Commons Park?
  • Anystreet Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Richie C: WHY, when trees are cut down they are NOT replaced? IF every tree were replaced with a fruit tree, like Apple, Chelsea would be beautiful. OR Cherry trees. NOT sucky, non-shade trees that DIE within 3-5 years.Chelsea is so ugly and so commercial. Trees on our street are dying--NO maintenance.Challenge you to answer.
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    210/212 Webster Ave Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Noticed that a tree was cut down on City-Owned Sidewalk. :Like Revere it seems the City does Not Replace these trees? Should be AUTOMATIC. Noticed same issue Many Other places in Chelsea. Trees give Oxygen while Sucking Up Carbon Dioxides. SHOULD be a no-brainer. Simple things like this AND constant Ticketing of BAD Landlords are a Quality of Life Issue.
  • 192 Webster Ave Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    IDEA!: The Trash Inspector, Mike(Who's very nice), SHOULD be authorized by City Council to Issue TICKETS to Property Owners(Usually absentee 'Trusts') that do NOT Shovel their Sidewalks. No Body ELSE Does in Chelsea!