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  • 4576 N Peachtree Rd Dunwoody 30338, United States - Dunwoody
    Regarding the “no left turn” from N Peachtree into Chesnut Elementary school for traffic purposes. Isn’t this a city or county’s jurisdiction rather than the school’s? We as parents shouldn’t have to police this. The staff of Chesnut should not as well- I would think that’s a big liability.(they don’t do it but I have heard that suggested)
    Please consider either more prominent signs and more enforcement, or
    Please consider allowing the left turn with the stipulation being a traffic officer present to direct cars (this would allow our students from that side of the school the same access that the other side has.
  • 4576 N Peachtree Rd Dunwoody 30338, United States - Dunwoody
    The original crosswalk over N P’tree at Brookhurst has not been painted over. It was determined almost immediately after painting that the cross walk should be moved with lighted signs to the front of the school.
    No one stops and the pedestrians have 2 additional crosswalks.
    The crosswalk gives the appearance that it’s ok to drop kids right there and let them run across the street. This has gotten worse Since the no left turn has been enforced
  • 4576 N Peachtree Rd Dunwoody 30338, United States - Dunwoody
    There is a dead phone wire and a dead cable wire. When facing the school, at the left portion of the woods/lawn, they are dangling and creating concern even if they are “safe.”
    Further, the young students shouldn’t be told that they don’t need to worry about it because they may see a live one and not be concerned.
    One of these have been there for 2 years
  • 4600 Dunover Cir Dunwoody 30360, United States - Dunwoody
    Please lower this to prevent kids and animals from being trapped
  • 2274 N Peachtree Ct Dunwoody 30338, United States - Dunwoody

    I feel that the use of a traffic cop(s) is needed for the dismissal times at Peachtree Middle.
    I observe the following issues each school day:

    Cars not yielding right of way to pedestrians when turning left or right from Kings Point Drive to North

    A back up of cars from Kings Point Drive to Ellisbury with Arendt waiting for students rather than waiting and going through the carpool circle (numerous safety issues with this)

    If cars didn’t back up as described above, it seems like the N Ptree Kings Point intersection would be gridlocked

  • 2487 Dunkerrin Ln Dunwoody 30360, United States - Dunwoody
    What is the status on a refuge island at this dangerous cross walk? Also, I feel that a “stop for pedestrians state law” sign like other arts if Tilly Mill has. School starts soon. The kids deserve a safe walk to school.
  • Tilly Mill/Dunkerrin Dunwoody, GA - Dunwoody
  • Wooded Lot On Sharon Valley Ct Near 4588 Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    I really am not one to complain,but I keep seeing near misses. 1240216 was a case entered in August. It was closed out stating that there is not a visibility problem. I would like to be on site when someone comes to check this out. I am including a picture in which truck is speeding through our street as a cut through and I can't see.
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    Tilly Mill At Andover Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    I appreciate the attention given to this intersection a short while back- it was even on the news. However, nothing has changed. I watch school kids struggle to cross the street to and from school, and I myself cross at this crosswalk daily and not only do cars fail to stop WHILE I AM IN THE CROSSWALK, but they are often speeding and unable to slow down even if they did chose to obey the law regarding yielding to pedestrians. I just do not get why the city seems to refuse to do more to protect the residents of Dunwoody North.