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  • 58 Huber Ave Meriden, CT - Meriden

    There is a NY plate semi-truck cab parked in the driveway of a house. For 2 days the trucks' noise has waken me up, and I'm down the street.

    Aren't there zoning laws about where these things can be parked??

  • 28 Huber Avenue And Sunset Avenue Meriden, CT, CT - Meriden

    Dog barks all day -sometimes into the night.
    It's unfair to this neighborhood to have to endure hearing this.

    Owners- take your dog inside!!

  • 212 Murray Street 2nd Floor Meriden, CT - Meriden

    The people who lived upstairs used their apartment as a dump. There is at least 3-4months worth of rotting trash up there.

    We have mice, flies, and it smells in the first floor apartment now.

    The landlord stated he has to wait 30 days.

    The police were called, and they referred me to The Department of Health.

    Department of Health can't help because the trash is inside the apartment, called housing who also said there is nothing they can do

  • East Main Street Meriden, CT - Meriden
    Entrance sign to 91 and the parkway was hit.
    One of the beams is bent- doesn't took too secure.
  • 142 East Main Street Meriden, CT 06450, USA - Meriden

    I would really like to see some of these issues fixed.
    Residents went out of their way to go on this website with the HOPE that someone in an official capacity would start fixing things.
    An email goes to numerous people/associations when an issue is reported- but who is reading these emails/alerts? Are they just going into a spam folder and forgotten about??
    The issues we want fixed are not unreasonable- they just a bunch of little issues that would make the City of Meriden a nicer city to live in- a city to be proud of.

    Maybe a call to a local reporter is in order to see why these things are not being corrected..and where exactly our tax dollars are being wasted.

    We pay our taxes, now step up Meriden officials and starting cleaning up our city!

  • Meriden CT, Meriden, CT 06450, USA - Meriden
    I am curious to know if any city official is looking at these issues and are taking steps to correct them.
    We pay taxes (very high ones at that) and it seems the city is just left to crumble.
    I would REALLY like to see these problems corrected!
    We aren't asking for a Stew Leonards..we're just asking for all the little things to be corrected to make Meriden a nicer place to live and a city to be proud of!
  • East Main Street + Bee St Meriden, CT 06450, USA - Meriden

    With so much traffic coming in & out from this exit- why not have a nice wooden sign and some flowers?

    Many other towns have them.

    It would really make this area more appealing.

  • Huber Avenue+Williams St Meriden, CT - Meriden
    Group of teens in black hooded sweatshirts (in this weather?) sitting in red cutlass(plate # 473 XXZ) seen numerous times, parking in dark spots on Huber Ave & Williams St. Seen running through yards on Sunset and Huber. When confronted by resident about recent neighborhood break-ins, the car speeds off. Police have been notified, but state these teenagers are doing nothing illegal or suspicious. Recently-truck on Huber broken into- GPS stolen and Rx sunglasses. On Williams, back of house broken into at 3am.
    Please Meriden PD make this area a priority!!
  • Murray Street Huber Avenue, Williams Street, Meriden, CT 06450, USA - Meriden

    Speeding occurs everyday up and down Huber Avenue.

    There are several small children on this street who could potentially get hit.

    On several occasions, people drive up the hill and throw full drinks out of their windows, or other garbage.

    The police DO drive through this area- but they too- speed up and down the hill.

  • Roads Archived
    Williams Street needs to be re-paved not patched up!