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  • 2299 Broadway Oakland, CA, 94612, USA - Northgate
    The exhaust vent for the commercial range in the "Mixt" restaurant was installed less than 10 feet beneath operable windows. This violates California mechanical code. The vent is located on the south side of 23rd St about 80' west of Broadway.
  • 2257 Broadway Oakland, California - Northgate
    Construction work occurring at occurring at 2257 Broadway (permit P1801563) for a "McMullen" retail store has occurred as early as 5:30am on 9/6/18 and 6:30am on 8/22. Noise includes drilling and hammering which reverberates through the entire 132 unit residential building above and disturbs residents. Building management has been notified several times but nuisance noise continues.
  • Graffiti Archived
    2295 Broadway Oakland, California - Northgate
    Graffiti has been visible on the roll-up door to the commercial trash room on 23rd St for at least three weeks. The commercial manager has been notified multiple times but the graffiti remains.
  • 2630 Broadway Oakland, California - Waverly

    The contractor building the project at 2630 Broadway has blocked off the entire sidewalk along the perimeter of the block, including Broadway and 27th Street, without an obstruction permit.

    This stretch of Broadway sees relatively high pedestrian traffic and as such the sidewalk should be diverted rather than closed. Current conditions are dangerous as almost all pedestrians ignore the closure signs and simply walk in the bike lane.

  • Other Archived
    411 23rd St Oakland, CA - Northgate
    At the commercial loading dock on 23rd St and Broadway and across the street at Numi Tea (400 23rd St) dumpsters and trash cans are routinely left uncovered and blocking the public right of way well outside of normal trash collection hours. The building manager for both properties has been repeatedly notified yet the problem persists.
  • Sidewalk Archived
    846 Alma Place Oakland, California - Trestle Glen
    Steps between Alma Place and Brookwood Road are in a state of advanced decay.