Dan Eichner

Rank: Civic Crusader Civic Points: 330
  • 37 Harvest Ln Windsor, CT, 06095, USA - Windsor
    The plow has not come within 4 feet of driveway, curb or mailbox past few storms. I know they have a difficult and demanding job, but I should not have to take care of so much of the street cleanup.
  • Road heaving Archived
    37 Harvest Lane Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    The road and curb along my driveway have been getting progressively worse since I purchased my house. Water runoff from street has damaged my driveway skirt. I have had to patch my driveway. I wish to fix my driveway, but road and curb around it need to be repaired first.
  • 57-63 Harvest Lane Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    Town land. This area is not ever shoveled by either neighbor. Who owns this strip of land? Who should be responsible?
  • 26harvest Ln Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    Leaves from yard were all pushed into traveled roadway. Have not been removed or picked up. They block 1/3 of street approximately.
  • 57-63 Harvest Lane Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    There are trees with poison ivy growing out of them overhanging the sidewalk. There is also overgrowth halfway across the sidewalk from ground level. This is between 2 private properties, and from the looks of the maps, Town of Windsor Property.