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Issue Closed
CLOSED. This website is for community complaints, not paid advertising links.
We are awaiting the response to your inquiry from the management. Thank you.

The following response was received from the management: "Please be advised that exterior lights (6) on top floors have been disconnected. The lights on the first floor will remain "on" dusk to dawn".

Thank you.

This complaint has been forwarded to Infinity Management (718-928-7589). Brooklyn Community Board 14 will follow up to find out what steps the property management company will take to address the light pollution complaints. The response will be posted here as soon as received. Please call CB14 at 718-859-6357 with any additional questions or concerns.
Please file complaints by calling 3-1-1 and providing details regarding trash conditions. Post the 311 Service Request Numbers on this page. Once the Service Request Numbers have been received, CB14 will follow up with the Departments of Sanitation to request expedited service and increased monitoring and issuing of violations as warranted.
This condition was reported to the NYPD Neighborhood Coordination Officers for resolution. Please update this page if the situation does not improve. Thank you.
Please advise what hours on Sunday it takes place.
Thank you.
Please call Community Board 14 at 718-859-6357 to provide additional information or post a current 3-1-1 Service Request Number here. Thank you.
Thank you for contacting Community Board 14 office. Your complaint has been forwarded to the Neighborhood Coordination Officers of the 70th Precinct covering Sector B. If you have any other issues in the Sector B area to discuss, please consider attending a meeting scheduled for December 5th at 6:30pm, P.S. 152 located at 1087 Ocean Avenue.

The Department of Buildings has issued permits for scaffolding at this location. Permits are valid through 7/07/2018. Details are provided below.

Permit No: 340279816-01-EQ-SH
Permit Issued: 07/13/2015
Permit Expires: 07/07/2018
Permit Type: Sidewalk Shed/Scaffolding - RENEWAL

Please provide a detailed description of the damage to the roadway or post a picture here that clearly shows the damage. CB14 can request a repair once the details of the repair request are known. Thank you.
Please report such issues by calling 311 and provide us with your service request number.
Thank you.
Thank you for posting that the lot was cleaned. This is great news!
Your complaint has been forwarded to BK 14 Sanitation Garage. Thank you.
Waiting for response from DOT.
Thank you.
This update will be forwarded to NCOs to follow up on.
Neighborhood Coordination Officers of the 70th Precinct were at this location on October 26th and didn't observe this vehicle. They will be notified of this complaint again. Thank you.
Police Officers of the 70th Precinct visited the location and couldn't see this vehicle. Please advise if it will reappear. Thank you.
Thank you for contacting Community Board 14. This information will be shared with Neighborhood Coordination Officers of the 70th Police Precinct.
Hello Jules,
We requested that the DSNY Supervisor visit this location ASAP.
Thank you.