• 1-21 Ivaloo St Somerville, MA 02143, USA - Somerville
    Dangerous Pothole as you turn onto Ivaloo from Park
  • Kent Street Somerville Ma - Somerville
    The fence keeping people from the rail tracks has been clipped/crushed down in the area of Kent Street Apartments. I see kids and homeless folks coming and going through the fence regularly; this is not only a liability to the city if someone is injured, but I have come across discarded cell phones and purses here when attempting to clean up, and I suspect petty thieves travel the tracks to avoid detection.
  • Handicap ramp Archived
    15 Court Square Boston, MA 02201, USA - Downtown
    When delivery vehicles pull flush to the curb at the Pi Alley/City Hall Pedestrian Avenue corner, wheelchairs cannot safely get off the sidewalk. Signage reminding delivery trucks not to block this ramp would be helpful, we have many wheelchair pedestrians in this area due to the Veterans home.
  • 20 City Hall Ave Boston, MA 02201, USA - Downtown
    Please consider making this "official" scooter/motorcycle parking. There is plenty of egress for pedestrians. A lot of people already park in this area, but I've had $120 in parking tickets here this summer so I've stopped. It's a perfectly reasonable area for embracing these environmentally responsible commuter vehicles.
  • 2-8 Broadway Cambridge, MA 02142, USA - Mit
    This is the worst stretch of road I face on my daily commute, on a bicycle or motorcycle it's extremely dangerous.
  • 220-238 Beacon St Somerville, MA 02143, USA - Cambridge
    I live within a block of this stretch of road, and the pavement is such a mess that I am always very afraid I'm going to wipe out on my motorcycle - I have to drive close to the center of the road or in the bike lane to avoid the damaged pavement, which isn't safe.
  • Lane Painting Archived
    656-660 Somerville Ave Somerville, MA 02143, USA - Somerville
    The lanes on Somerville Ave from the square to the Beacon Street split really need to be repainted, people can't tell if it's one or two lanes going toward the plaza and it causes bottlenecks.
  • 225 Hampshire St Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - Wellington-Harrington
    The red light at this intersection has been flickering for months, has anyone else noticed?