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  • Intersection Of Withers Rd. & (Old) Tryon Rd. Raleigh, North Carolina - Raleigh Council District D
    Old Couch dumped on roadside. For 3 wks aas of 12/7
  • (Old) Tryon Rd. near The Arts Dr. , Raleigh, North Carolina - Southwest
    Two couches and matress illegally dumped on road side (across from Renassaince park retention pond).
  • Traffic Sign Archived
    Moonbeam Dr Raleigh, North Carolina - Southwest
    Sign is leaning and half fallen over, apparently hit by a vehicle. It needs to be re-installed.
  • Tryon Road @ Railroad Bridge Raleigh, North Carolina - Southwest
    At both ends of the new N-S Railroad bridge, a ~12 ft. gap exists from the end of the new bridge walls & fences to flat ground adjacent to the sidewalk. With no barrier (e.g., a fence, handrail, etc.), a pedestrian or biker could slip and fall down a steep embankment of maybe 30 ft. to the railroad ROW below. This is a serious safety hazard and must be corrected.
    I contacted the NC DOT construction group who told me they have no responsibility for this any more.
  • Tryon Road @ Norfolk Southern Rr Bridge Raleigh, North Carolina - Southwest
    At the east end (Eastbound lane) and the west end (westbound lane) of the new bridge, a pedestrian safety hazard was caused when the bridge was built. With no traffic guard rail, there is a section (about 12 ft long) where a walker could slip and fall down the steep embankment onto the rail ROW. The drop appears to be about 30 ft down, with a steep angle of ~ 45-60 degrees. There are no barriers, handrails or fences to prevent a fall, and any fall would result in serious injury or worse.
    Please see attached pics.
  • Tryon Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Southwest
    Keep right sign in median was knocked down by a vehicle and is currently laying on the median with a broken pole.
  • 3605 Tryon Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Southwest
    please replace the 2 missing sections of sidewalk along the old Tryon Rd. near Junction St.
  • Junction Rd & Old Tryon Rd. Raleigh North Carolina - Southwest
    Near the corner, a section of sidewalk was removed well over a year ago by a utility (ATT? ), and never repaired. Due to the unevenness, it provides a hazard when walking over or around it.
  • Olympia Dr/ Illeagnes St. & Olympia Dr./ Palace Garden Raleigh, North Carolina - Southwest
    At the intersections of Olympia Dr./Palace Garden Rd. and Olympia Dr./Illeagnes St., both have traffic roundabouts but no crosswalk markings and with the opening of the new Tryon Rd., there seems to be more traffic at these points. The sidewalks are well used in this neighborhood with dog walkers, baby strollers, and joggers but now with rising concerns for pedestrian safety.
    We ask that the city paint crosswalks at both intersections (4 at each), and consider erecting a “Watch for Pedestrians” sign on northbound Illeagnes St. approaching Olympia Dr.