• 7330 N St Louis Ave Portland, OR 97203, USA - Cathedral Park
    Pavement is extremely rough in the lane directly in front of the 7-11, such that I have to completely go around this intersection to avoid destroying the oil pan in my VW.
  • pothole Arquivado
    8206-8242 Washington 503 Vancouver, WA 98662, USA - Five Corners
    Pothole on the left-hand edge of the right-turn-only lane, getting fairly large.
  • Season flooding Arquivado
    11708 Ne 95th St Orchards, WA 98682 - Five Corners
    The entrance to 95th Street floods here any time there is a large amount of rainfall.
  • 1850 Ne 99th St Salmon Creek, WA 98665 - Salmon Creek
    Series of storm drain lids on 99th Street, between Hiway 99 and 25th Ave. Directly in the path of where your tire should go. Bone-jarring when driving a lowered car, could bend a wheel even.