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No one came to get the trash. I don't put a lot if trash in the can so I really do not understand why all of it is not collected. Please advise what I should do to get all of my trash collected.
I spoke with some if my neighbors about trash collection. After speaking with them, it seems that trash collection issues are not unique to me.
A similar vehicle to the one pictured was parked on the street last night and remained there this morning. I'm not sure the vehicle pictured is exactly the same as the one that was parked though. I believe whoever was driving this vehicle may have been visiting someone in the neighborhood. The dumping occurred before 8:45am this morning. It might be a coincidence that this vehicle was pulling away at that time.
Adding to my original post - I just got back from walking to the store. I noticed every street in the area where I walked had been plowed. Ridge Pl was the only street going out to Naylor Rd that had been skipped, so the trucks have apparently been around here. Literally, if my street had been plowed I could have driven to the store rather than walked.