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  • 33 S Water St New Haven, Connecticut - City Point
    Sound school snow removal crew is once again blowing the snow from the sidewalks into the street as they are clearing off the school property. This is an ongoing problem. Supposedly they had been told not to do this. Once again they have just filled South Water Street on the even side with snow
  • Sound School Boat Ramp - 60 S Water Street City Point New Haven, CT - City Point
    Once more the Pequonnock Yacht Club is using the Sound School Boat ramp. When this issue was looked into last year it was determined that the ramp is not a public use ramp. PYC claimed it was a DEEP ramp and therefore they could use it as they saw fit. When this myth was dispelled the claim was then made that PYC was part owner of the ramp. Records from the tax assessors office proved this wrong as well. Next line of defense from PYC was that they have an "agreement" with the Sound School to use the boat ramp when school is not in session. I spoke with Principal Pin informally 2 weeks ago. To his knowledge at that time there was no such agreement with PYC. Today, I watched as a 25 foot Cuddy cabin type fishing boat tried to manage its way down the ramp..of course using neighboring driveways to help get into position. I approached the person and asked if they were from Schooner or the Sound School and was told they were from PYC. When I advised them they were not to be using the ramp for large motorized water craft this gentleman informed me "they have an agreement with the sound school to use the ramp." I advised him that neither the School principal or people from this neighborhood were aware of any such agreement. I asked why he was not using the PYC boat ramp and was told "we do not have our own ramp." I advised him that last season I had been informed by the PYC liason to the neighborhood that they supposedly had a ramp in West Haven to use. The gentleman responded "that belongs to another yacht club and this one is free." For people living on South Water Street I do not think we want a repeat of last year's antics - the drunken boaters, the public urinating on the sound school property in broad day light, the litter, the loud noise, the hitting of cars by the people trying to get their boats in/out, the excessive traffic the PYC created, and not to mention the parking issues. Last year the police advised South Water residents that unless the Sound School filed a complaint (as this was taking place mostly on their property) there was little that could be done. I encourage everyone to call the Sound School Principal and voice your concern over this matter (203) 946-6937. Let's keep City Point peaceful. Let's not have a repeat of last summer. We agreed not to fight the arrival PYC because they promised to be a "good neighbor"..Let's hold them to their promise.