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  • 318 Stevens St W St Paul, MN - West Side
    Doublas park upkeep is so bad! Not only is there an ancient rusty fence, but big old chuncks of concrete under the fence. There are grapevines invading my yard, the trees, and weeds are taking over the play sand
  • 318 Stevens St. W St Paul, MN - West Side
    I posted a complaint a view days ago about the weed taking over the park/sand and how the grapevines are totally out of control. Although I appreshiate the speedy attention my request got, the actually response has got to be a joke.
    I am posting pictures, there you can see the rediculous attempt at containing the weeds and the grapevines. Pretty much nothing has changed.
  • Douglas Park St. Paul, MN - West Side
    There is a fence with grapevines out of control. The vines are growing into the trees, suffocating all, growing on my house. Weeds are growing rampant. The vines are 20 feet tall, invading my house and garden. The fence is ancient and needs to be replaced. I am extremely fed up. I posted a complaint about this fence over a month ago, and still have not heard anything.