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  • 4600 Block Of Griscom Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Frankford, Philadelphia
    street light bulb across the street from 4664 griscom is out. Street is very dark between Arrott and Overington Sts wthout this street light.
  • 1520 Arrott St Philadelphia, PA 19124, USA - Frankford, Philadelphia
    Former nuisance bar closed by DA (after a murder and a shoot out and numerous other problems) building has been cosed for years recent activity in building. Broken glass from door, bills, mail and trash from building thrown all over sidewalk and street. Inlet at corner filled with trash causing slow drainage, broken sidwalk and weeds. Vehicle parking on/blocking sidewalk.
  • 1525 Overington St Philadelphia, PA 19124, USA - Frankford, Philadelphia
    Very high weeds, trash, debris, broken fence lying in yard, weeds and trash on sidewalks, odors and what looks like a long mound where something was buried next to garage.
  • 4600 Penn St Philadelphia, PA - Frankford, Philadelphia
    heavy snow knocked over tree it lies accross Penn st blocking road.
  • Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA - Wissanoming
    The traffic lighgts on Frankford Ave are not set properly/timed. It takes too long to travel on Frankford Ave because the lights are not timed.
  • 1529 Overington St Philadelphia, PA 19124, USA - Frankford, Philadelphia
    Rental property at corner (brown) front, side and rear yards always full of high weeds, trash. Sidewalk and curb full of trash. Open trash containers in front of house. Illegal driveway on Griscom St side.
  • 1520 Arrott St Philadelphia, PA 191424, USA - Frankford, Philadelphia
    Abandoned property former nuisance bar side walk on both sides of building high weeds and trash inlet full of bottles and trash. (Primos Sport's bar)