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  • Intersection Of Pearl And Ann Uccello Hartford, CT - Downtown
  • Parks Archived
    55 Trumbull St Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown

    Weirdly enough, the statue of Horace Welles has some kind of box stuck on its head.

    Free Horace! Please!

  • Street signs Archived
    Jewell St Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    Stop sign has been flattened and is lying on the sidewalk just outside Bushnell Park.
  • Park pond Archived
    Jewell St. Hartford, CT - Downtown
    Work was supposed to begin several days ago to drain the pond and install new pumps, etc. Nothing has happened except the fountain has been turned off. What's going on and when can we expect some progress?
  • Parks Archived
    Trumbull And Jewell Streets Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown

    Can someone tell the neighbors of Bushnell Park when Jewell Street will be cleared of construction vehicles and traffic cones? There are many days when little or no work seems to be accomplished. Thumbs-up to the iQuilt, but this project has to have an end.

    On a happier note, it's nice to see the Corning Fountain back in action. My thanks to those responsible!

  • 55 Trumbull St Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    Water in the pond needs to be replaced or cleaned (maybe both). The scuzz factor at the end of the pond near the sculpture is disgusting. Shouldn't need to say that the capital city's crown jewel--and the wide population it serves every day--deserve better.
  • Bushnell Park Hartford, CT - Downtown
    What's the story with the fountain? There's no water and it's got litter in it. Summer is here, people! Get it together!
  • 55 Trumbull St Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    What's the story with the pond in Bushnell Park? The fountain isn't operating and the water appears to be filled with vegetation. Please update us on the city's plan to maintain one of its best resources.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Hicks St Hartford, CT - Downtown
    Pothole leading into parking lot is deep enough so that drivers must enter and exit very slowly.
  • 55 Trumbull St Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    The pond in Bushnell Park is full of leaves and some litter at one end. It should be cleaned before the water freezes over for the winter. The park is one of the city's crown jewels and you would think its care would be a priority.