• Grant St Providence, RI 02909, USA - Federal Hill
    At the corner of Grant and Carpenter there is a fire hydrant that is completely broken free from its base.
  • 9 And 10 Primrose Street Providence RI - Federal Hill
    Between these two houses there is an extension cord running across the street going from one open house window into another. This wire may be getting frayed from passing motorists and could possibly shock children playing in the area. This I believe was reported by the local police to the applicable city department.
  • 274-278 Knight St Providence, RI 02909, USA - Federal Hill
    This property was developed in 2005. Site plans were submitted to Dept of Inspections and Standards on 10/2/03 clearly identifying developers intention to close an old curb cut on Knight street and open a new one at only 33% of Carpenter street side frontage, while only paving a an area running along the right side of the house from the street. The DPW gave their approval for these plans on 8/23/2005. The developer did not follow what was supposed to be done regarding the curb cuts and paving. This was reported to Jeffery Lykins of Dept of Inspections and Standards on 7/14/2010. No action was taken. An informational packet was delivered to the Mayors office on 8/9/2010. No action was taken. Originator of packet followed up with Mayors office on 8/23/10. That same day Director of Inspections & Standards Sheila McGauvern was made aware and had conversation with concerned neighbor indicating she would send an inspector and issue a violation notice if one was found. Property owner would then have 30 days to appeal to zoning. Sheila expressed her personal opinion to concerned neighbor that she didn't see this as a problem, the problem has existed before she and others took their positions, and even if found to be in violation, no one could truly enforce the issue. She was told a law is a law, it was her job only to enforce and not personally interpret. Again, she is director of this department.
  • 11-25 Brighton St Providence, RI 02909, USA - Federal Hill
    The city recently had a work order to correct a twisted stop sign at corner of Brighton and Knight. The solution was to relocate it however the new site is in direct path of sidewalk. Supposedly an "inspector" was coming out to determine if this is a hazard. That was two weeks ago and I have received no calls regarding this as promised.
  • 259 Carpenter Street Providence, RI 02909, USA - Downtown
    Dangerous situation on the Knight Street side of home on 259 Carpenter Street. An old unused curb cut needs to have curbing reinstalled and sidewalk brough back to proper grade. Adjacent section of walk way completely missing a concrete sidewalk surface. This old curb cut allows wayward cars to drive up into pedestrians on walkway. Dirt area in adjacent walk way is dangerous to pedestrians. How does this property have a new paved driveway the full width of the property? This is against zoning ordinances.
  • 259 Carpenter Street Providence, RI 02909, USA - Downtown
    This fence bordering the Knight Street side of the home on 259 Carpenter Street is a danger to pedestrians and should be removed. It has been reported to Pleshette Mitchel of Neighborhood Services and even investigated first hand by Joe Eliiot- Inspector of Code Enforcement. Year old issue. This fence cuts peoples ankles as they walk past. Old metal plus open wounds = problem for city for failing to uphold code enforcement. Do what is right and protect the citizens, end this age old issue now.
  • South Main St. Providence RI - Providence
    This sidewalk has never been opened to allow the tree to grow unencumbered. By the looks of it this sidewalk has been getting pushed up for 20 years or more.
    It's a miracle this tree is alive nevermind the city hasn't been sued for allowing such a trip hazard. On a main street too, can't believe not one city employee ever saw this.