• Tree Trimming Archived
    106/108 Bishop St New Haven, Connecticut - Bishop-Hine

    Basswood (or Linden) tree has had some trimming recently (branches over the sidewalk), but there is a large dead branch hanging over the street that could fall on motorists, cars, or pedestrians. It is on the eastern side of the tree near the curb.

    This tree also seems to have some illness and given its size, and its overhang of the power lines to 106/108 Bishop St, this could become a big safety hazard.

    Can the tree please be made safe?

  • 106/108 Bishop St New Haven, Connecticut - Bishop-Hine
    Saw a swarm of bees arrive this afternoon to the tree in front of 106/108 Bishop St. Any chance a local beekeeper has had a hive swarm?
  • Bishop St. New Haven, CT - Bishop-Hine
    On Bishop, between State St. and Orange St., multiple Christmas trees were not picked up on trash collection days before the Jan 12 snow storm. City instructions said they were still being picked up as of week of Jan 10, and should be placed with trash bins (which they were). Now they are buried under feet of snow. Will they ever be collected?
  • 22 Howe St New Haven, CT 06511 - Dwight
    These hedges have been overgrown for several years--as evidenced by the visible dirt path next to the sidewalk, created by pedestrians not able to use the sidewalk. The apartment complex has not trimmed these in years.
  • 78 Park St New Haven, CT 06511 - Dwight
    Traffic signal on Northwest corner has been out of service for months.
  • 95 Park St New Haven, CT 06511 - Dwight
    Signs say that both lanes can turn left, and only the right-hand lane go straight. Road markers say that both lanes can go straight and only the left-hand lane go straight. Daily near-misses by cars trying to go straight from the left-hand lane meeting people who want to turn left from the right-hand lane.
  • N Frontage Rd New Haven, CT 00 - Dwight
    Need crosswalk signal at intersection of North Frontage and Park St. Coming along Park St from South Frontage it is not always possible to tell how long you have to cross the street, etc.
  • Light skips Archived
    1184 Townsend Ave New Haven, CT 06512 - Annex
    Light at intersection of Townsend and Main St sometimes skips and doesn't cycle properly through green for each direction, even when a long line of cars is waiting and has been waiting through 2+ cycles.