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  • 92 Main St Deep River Center, CT 06417, USA - Deep River Center
    apartment rents what he calls a mini apartment in his apartment it's down stairs from the main apartment there is one entrance it's a common entrance to both the main house and the room he calls mini apartment there is a bath in hallway right of entrance to the main apartment it's nothing more then a room down stairs from the main house with a single entrance i believe this is illegal and has the potential to be dangerous in the event of fire deep river zoning board and the deep river fire department should look into this before someone gets hurt.
  • 114 East Main St Clinton, CT 06413, USA - Clinton
    Steward's Ace Hardware in the rear parking lot is were they keep the trash dumpsters. Truck picks up the trash in mornings between 5:30 and 7:00 AM the trash dumpsters are very close to the back of the Lafayette Green apartments the trucks make lots of noise when emptying the dumpsters and wakes people living in some of the apartments who are trying to sleep why can't they move the dumpsters to a different location within the lot it's a big lot and there's plenty of space for the dumpsters to be placed away from Lafayette Green apartments so they don't disturb people trying to sleep this is a serious problem and needs to be fixed.