Norma Murdoch-Kitt

Rank: Civic Crusader Civic Points: 435
  • Mostly dead tree Acknowledged
    907 Westwood Ave Richmond, Virginia - Ginter Park
    Half of this tree already fell into the street in a recent storm and the rest is ready to go!
  • Other Acknowledged
    1100walton Ave Richmond, Virginia - Ginter Park
    Dead tree( second from the corner) in danger of falling on traffic
  • 3503 Seminary Ave Richmond, Virginia - Ginter Park
    Yard debris at the curb
  • Dead tree Acknowledged
    1000 Walton Ave Richmond, VA - Ginter Park
    There is a dead tree beside the entrance to Ginter Park Presbyterian Church. Another tree on this block has been marked for removal, but this extremely unsightly and potentially dangerous tree has not yet been marked.
  • Brook Rd42--5000 Richmond, VA - Ginter Park
    City owned tree box needs to be mowed