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Thanks for fixing this issue!
Thank You
Thanks for fixing this issue!
This is still not fixed. Is there a reason for such a long delay on fixing this?
excellent. thanks for the info!
Still waiting for a comment on this from the town...
Can someone from the town please comment on this issue? Is there a plan to put this sidewalk in? It is only about 150m. It is very dangerous.
Municipality of Yarmouth has long since finished its sidewalk. When is the town planning on finishing its bit to make this a safe place to travel through. It is still a very dangerous stretch of road which is used by many pedestrians, runners, bikers, parents with strollers, and fast moving cars. Let's get this done!
Any news on this? The sidewalk has been completed in the municipality. There is now this small section in town that is missing. It would be great to see this completed. This is a high traffic area.
I see it is now fixed. Great work!
Ron, in the photo I attached in a previous post, it shows the existing sidewalk in blue, and a possible extension in red running to lakeside road. I guess this is what you have in mind as well.

That's great.

I hope that the plan calls for constructing the sidewalk on the southwest side of the road so that there is no need to cross vancouver street in the middle of the curve. See the attached image.

Can you post the design here when you receive it?



Hey Ron,

Isn't this location in the municipality, not the town?
Maybe the municipality should be looking at using this service as well.


Hi Jeff,

It would be nice if you could render the locations with different markersymbols. that way, the user can have a better overview.

green marker for completed projects.
yellow marker for projects under construction.
red marker for upcoming projects.

Is the application able to handle any "upcoming projects" at all? I do not see any on the map.


Hi Jeff,

This looks really good.

Is it also possible for you to add more detailed information under the "more info" page?

It would be nice to see the blueprints/plans of the project, and maybe an artists rendering of the completed project, if available.

Great work,

any news on the "projects" section?
any news on getting the projects section up on the town website?

Hi Jeff,

I cannot find the drawing showing the details of the work being done. can you please provide me with a url?