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  • Signal repair Archived
    Washtenaw/Huron Pkwy - Ann Arbor
    The left turn green arrow from Washtenaw on to Huron Pkwy/Platt is so short, 2-3 cars make the cycle. Needs to be longer!!
  • Other issue Archived
    1805-1825 Sheridan Dr Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA - Ann Arbor
    It would be nice if at the intersection of Washtenaw and Manchester/Sheridan the left turn signal had a blinking yellow to allow turns when the traffic allows. That left turn wait is very long.
  • Stone School Rd At Ellsworth Rd - Washtenaw County
    Going north/south on Stone School Rd the light is way too short on green for traffic to cross Ellsworth. Three cars usually get thru. The wait on red is too long. Needs to be adjusted.
  • Stone School Rd/Ellsworth - Ann Arbor
    The left turn signal doesn't go solid green in either direction. Makes turning left very hard with the traffic.
  • Stone School Rd/Ellsworth Rd - Ann Arbor
    This light needs to be adjusted, the cycle for stone school is way too short. Realize Ellsworth is main road but only 2-3 cars get thru going northbound, and the left turn signal fails to turn solid green at times.