Quinnipiac Ave

Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 815
  • Parks Request Archived
    120 Church St New Haven 06510, United States - Downtown
    What does it take to get the holiday tree taken down. Except for a few freezing days and some rain, it’s been a mild, snow free January, but day after day no work is done, the months almost over, and we have a half dismembered tree marring the Green, a visible symbol of New Haven’s ineptitude. It would be one thing if it were in some hidden corner of the city, but it’s on the Green right in front of City Hall for God’s sake! Could someone crack a few heads together at the Park’s Department or light a fire under someone?
  • 627-635 Quinnipiac Ave New Haven Ct 06513 USA - Fair Haven Heights
    Neighbors have dumped an old futon frame and mattress on their front lawn. Has been there for weeks, so they obviously have no intention of doing anything with it.
  • Graffiti Archived
    290 Grand Ave New Haven CT 06513, USA - Fair Haven
    Building tagged. Actually rash of graffiti up Grand, including all over fences outside old power station and on building across the street from it.