Rank: City Fixer Civic Points: 2,110
  • Drainage Issue Acknowledged
    4929-5099 Burtwood Lane Richmond, Virginia - Piney Knolls
    Citizen states stormwater drainage along Burtwood Lane near Burtwood Lane and Titus Street is slow / insufficient. Citizen also reports standing water, stagnation, mosquitos due to inadequate drainage in the area. Citizen requests mitigation.
  • 3058 Midlothian Turnpike Richmond, Virginia - Swansboro West

    The tire pile is located on W 31st Street and Midlothian Turnpike, down the first alley on the left (about 150-200 feet) leaning on a chain link fence.


    Over the Winter, about 15- 20 tires were illegally dumped in the alley behind our home. Since I no longer drive a truck, I cannot easily haul them to the city dump, 2 miles down the road. I would very much appreciate it if someone from the city came to pick the tires up, as they pose a mosquito breeding hazard to the neighborhood (which is adjacent to Swansboro Elementary School).
  • Guardrail Damaged Acknowledged
    219 Bland Street Richmond, Virginia - Reedy Creek
    Citizen states guardrail between Dunston Avenue and creek is damaged and requires repair / replacement.
  • Blocked Storm Drain Acknowledged
    270-298 W Blake Ln Richmond, VA 23225, USA - Reedy Creek
    Resident reports blocked storm drain at the intersection of Blake Lane and Forest Hill. Drain maintenance requested. Attn: DPU sewer collections group.
  • Other Archived
    4502 Dover Rd Richmond, VA 23221, USA - Windsor Farms
    Citizen requests storm drains at the intersection of Dover and Nottingham be cleared. Ponding occurring with every rain event.
  • 1101-1199 Perry Street Richmond, Virginia - Richmond Precinct 1
    There is an improperly constructed asphalt patch situated adjacent new residential construction on Perry Street. The severely sunken patch is approximately 4'x4' and constitutes a substatial hazard for eastbound traffic. The patch appears to be associated with a new sewer line connection (performed the week of 01/09) from the two new residential dwellings to the City sewer main.
  • Other Archived
    1410 Armfield Rd Richmond, VA 23225, USA - Elkhardt
    Two completely blocked storm drop inlets along the east side of Flynn Road near entrance to Town and Country Apartments.
  • Other Archived
    1600-1698 Rawlings St Richmond, VA 23231, USA - Fulton
    ATTN DPU Stormwater Utility : Citizen requests unblocking / maintenance of storm drop inlet at the corner of Rawlings and Government Road. Verified by DPU as being almost totally blocked by sediment and organic.
  • Virginia Capital Trail Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Shockoe Bottom
    Used tires illegally dumped.
  • Other Archived
    465 East Ladies Mile Road Richmond, Virginia - Providence Park
    Resident states many of the trees in Providence Park need to be assessed for health and if necessary, be taken down. Resident also concerned about a stump left in the park following a previous tree removal. COR staff stated his concerns would be forwarded to DPW Urban Forestry for review.
  • 601 Goodes St Richmond, VA 23224, USA - Richmond Precinct 1
    Miscellaneous debris including a mattress, used tires and lumber observed to have been illegally dumped along Goodes Street.
  • Other Archived
    Behind 1119 N Boulevard Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Museums
    Missing water meter cover for the meter serving the Buzz and Ned's property at 1119 N. Boulevard. Owner has requested a replacement cover. The meter is accessible via Meyers Street. C/O DPU Water Distribution
  • 4000 Government Rd Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Chimborazo
    Illegal dumping of miscellaneous debris including pallets, sheet rock and furniture.
  • Other Archived
    315 Beaufont Hills Drive Richmond, Virginia - Beaufont
    c/o Stormwater Utility, Re: BMP Maintenance @ Constructed Wetlands. Multiple residents request access road encircling the constructed wetlands between LaSalle and Beufont Hills be cleared / bushhogged to allow community access. Additionally, landing in disrepair. Access to BMP easiest at the end of La Veta.
  • 4201 Angus Rd Richmond, VA 23234, USA - Walmsley
    Concrete rubble, asphalt shingles, a mattress, used tires, treated lumber and household waste dumped on DPW parcel adjacent Grindall Creek.
  • Other Archived
    4585-4599 Government Road Richmond, Virginia - Fulton
    Citizen states water ponding at entry to 36" MS4 pipe at Old Denny Road and Government Road.
  • Other Archived
    1014 E 16th St Richmond, VA 23224, USA - Oak Grove
    Broken curbing near alley entrance allowing vehicle traffic to unauthorized area. The result is a ditch with standing water and eroded soil.
  • Other Acknowledged
    E Grace Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Chimborazo
    Blocked storm drain near fountain at Chimborazo Dog Park parking area. Request clean out.
  • 661 Westover Hills Blvd Richmond, VA 23225, USA - Northrop
    Illegal dumping of furniture. Bulk pick-up requested at the end of Basset Avenue near Ashton Square apartments.
  • Other Acknowledged
    3911 Garden Rd Richmond, VA 23235, USA - Huguenot
    Resident states leaf and organic debris situated in MS4 drainage ditch along Garden Road just north of Pondera is causing flooding during rain events. Resident requesting removal of leaf and organic debris.