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I think there is an election on Tuesday?

Is someone purposely trying to discredit SeeClickFix?

That's my gut feeling when I read this crap.

Sick and tired of suburbanites disrespecting our city.

You know, when I go to the suburbs, I don't drive like an a**-hole, and I don't park my car where it doesn't belong.

It'd be nice if Ms. Menzies' federal employees could show us the same respect!

Get over it, there is an election in less than 2 weeks

Okay, Brian. The building should just sit empty for another decade? Because without Mr. Alexander taking the bull by the reins, it probably will.

And I too think University Properties is doing a pretty good job. But in this case they can certainly do better. If we want to have a stronger retail environment, and fill up these vacancies, maybe the community should join with the businesses, City and Yale to figure out a more progressive parking policy. Right Broadway has the only retail friendly parking in the Downtown area.


With 360 State going in, the vision should be for eight great blocks of Chapel Street running from State to Orange-Church-Temple-College-High-York-Park-Howe.

Obviously the grocery store at 360 State, (please tell me it's happening), will be a fantastic anchor. And the College-High-York blocks will remain the showcase, what with being in the middle of Yale, and being home to the art galleries. In fact, add the York to Park block into that solid middle, with the Study and Yale Art and Architecture schools.

So the focus for now should really be those two blocks along the New Haven Green. Why are there so many empty storefronts? Is the problem parking? Or is it the Malley property on the corner of Temple and Chapel? Or does it not feel safe?

Here's hoping Yale takes the lead. And the City's economic development people should ask the Malley heirs to sell, or if not, consider eminent domain. Wouldn't a mixed-use redevelopment work very well there?

Brian, I'm going to disagree.

The problem is the narrowness of the street. I can't think of another two lane street in New Haven where I consistently worry about knocking mirrors with another car.

I think it'd be much safer if they made it like Crown Street. Good sight lines, and parking on only one side of the road.

And that intersection might be a good place to install a raised crosswalk, (i.e. speed table).

At a minimum, make the traffic do a slow-n-go.

Here's video of cars consistently running the red light during rush hour.

Is Yale and/or the City going to do anything to make this intersection safer? Over the years several students have been seriously injured here. What are folks waiting for, another pedestrian death?

That's a very dangerous intersection for pedestrians, and you'd think Yale would do something about it.

The problem is that Temple Street is narrow. Too narrow for safety.

With cars parked on both sides, there is barely enough room for the two lanes of traffic, and the sight lines for a driver heading down Temple are bad.

Also, it is so tight driving, that you always have to keep an eye out for the car in the lane next to you (for fear that it might slide over into your lane and side-swipe you). In heavy traffic this captures a good deal of your focus and attention, meaning keeping an eye out for pedestrians becomes a secondary.

Finally Temple Street is a major artery into the downtown grid, and the through traffic is always in a hurry.

I think the city should think about getting rid of parking on one side of the street or the other. Either that, or use additional stop lights and engineering to slow the cars down, as otherwise it is only a matter of time until a pedestrian gets clipped or killed.

Boy, you guys play rough.

Is this what SeeClickFix is going to become? (an anonymous @#$% session.)

Could we possibly try to remain constructive, AND keep an eye on our overall tone.



Hey, Bikers are welcome to visit downtown New Haven. None of us have a problem with that. Come and have fun, and I mean it.

But there are a few @#$%-oles who think it's cool to ride around, AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE, at midnight, 1:00am, 2:00am, even 3:00 in the morning, bothering hundreds of downtown residents.

What bothers me is that most of the jerks aren't even New Haveners. Maybe we should band together and go wake up hundreds of people in North Haven, East Haven, or West Haven.

Whoops, that's right. We'd get arrested.

My gosh. If you're an officer on the job in New Haven, and you want to grab a quick cup of coffee, what are you supposed to do? Circle the block looking for a meter? Pull into the garage a block down the street, pay to park, and spend precious minutes walking to and from?

If what the officer was doing had a real effect on pedestrian safety I'd join with Jeff. But it doesn't, and is mere nit-picking.

The fact that if you or I did what they did we might be ticketed is meaningless. These officers are on duty, working hard and risking their very lives to keep us all safe.

Give them a friggin' break.

Is the problem a storm drain, or is it that there is a depression in the street which causes the water to puddle. (generally to a depth of 4-6"). I was out there one day with Sanjay of College Wine, and we thought the problem was that there was no drain! fwiw.
If not Bolt, there is always FungWah, who currently provides service from Providence to NYC at $30/one way.
Amtrak is bilking its NorthEast corridor ridership. It's absolutely insane that a one way train fare from New Haven to Boston is $45-$77. No wonder our highways are so clogged!

Are we talking about the lights on Chapel, or on Crown Street?

Crown Street is even worse, as there are no street lights with the Gateway hole across the street.

The entire nightclub district should be lit up like Broadway Square imho. Just to make it feel safe...

C'mon guys. 98% of the time this is fine, and cops need their coffee too!

I will agree that occasionally you see an officer actually park in the crosswalk, which is unacceptable.

For the record, because of the One Ways, at this intersection there is no left turn onto High Street, or right turn onto Chapel. So it isn't that big of a deal.

I guess what I'm asking is if there aren't bigger fish to fry.