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  • 57 William St New Haven, CT - Wooster Square

    There is always at least one (usually 2 and sometimes 3) big yellow commercial moving trucks parked on the street. I assume an employee/owner of the moving service, Two Young Studs Moving (cool name, ugly trucks) lives on the street and always parks there.

    But according to this law, it isn't permissiable. Plus the trucks are ugly and not something you want to see everytime you look out the window.

    Sec. 29-53. - Parking trucks in residential zones.

    No person having the custody and control of a vehicle or vehicles with capacities of more than half-a-ton, shall be permitted to park on any street in any residential zone at any time of the day or night. However, such vehicles shall be permitted in residential zones when in the conduct of a service being simultaneously performed.