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  • One layer off Archived
    2-66 Spy Hill Arlington, NY 12603, USA - Arlington
    A layer of pavement has come off.
  • 2064 New Hackensack Rd Poughkeepsie, NY 12603, USA - Red Oaks Mill
    A pothole has developed in the center lane of 376 at Red Oaks Mills, the lane which goes through the intersection to Spackenkill Rd. The pothole, which is near the arrow painted on the road, is right in the path of the right wheel of any car that drives through the intersection, and it is very jarring.
  • 33 Spy Hl Poughkeepsie, NY 12603, USA - Arlington
    Fairly large pot hole along the side of the road. It has now filled in with sand from the winter, but not totally. My daughter trips on it when we go out for a walk.
  • 34-48 Fairmont Ave Arlington, NY 12603, USA - Arlington
    Manhole cover is several inches below the pavement on one side, and it is right in the path of turning traffic. This results in a jarring bump.