• S Washington Blvd & Columbia Pike Arlington, VA 22204, USA - Foxcroft Heights
    The lights are mistimed at Columbia Pike and South Orme St. When coming off of Washington Blvd to the light at this intersection, only three cars are able to make the left onto westbound Columbia Pike. This wasn't always the case. Before this week, more cars were able to get through the green light. This may also require a look at the traffic light timing at Columbia Pike and the Freedmans Bridge, as that is most likely causing the backup on Columbia Pike that prevents cars coming off of Washington Blvd to turn left even when they have a green light.
  • Columbia Pike Arlington, VA - Foxcroft Heights
    There are 2 lanes for eastbound Columbia Pike that can exit onto S Washington Blvd. between 6 - 9am weekdays. The far right lane MUST veer right, while the left lane may veer right or continue on Columbia Pike. The danger comes into play with drivers in the right lane proceeding straight, running the risk of slamming into a car in the left lane that wants to veer right. The need to be in the left lane while veering right is because you then need to merge left onto S Washington Blvd. in order to continue on to northbound 395. I can't tell you how many near misses I've had, one by an Arlington County Government vehicle, that was in the right lane on Columbia Pike and didn't veer right. I've seen police many times, but it seems like an easy spot to write tickets and generate income for the county. What about doing something to address safety??