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  • 63rd And Eastwick - Southwest Philadelphia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Planning District Lower Southwest
    There are multiple large trucks that are parked on Eastwick Avenue from 63rd to 65th Street. Some trucks do not have the cab attached, and are disconnected. Even though there are "no truck parking" signs, they are ignored. I've seen dumping along Eastwick has increased. This is a neighborhood, not a truck stop!!!!
  • 63rd And Eastwick Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Planning District Lower Southwest
    Business on the corner seems to be a car sales or junk yard - but now they don't cut their grass and lots of dumping all over the street. This area didn't have the dumping that is OUT OF CONTROL now. Trucks are constantly parked on the street even though the signage is there indicating 'no truck parking' They should be fined for not cutting their grass and not keeping their property!
  • Eastwick And Lindbergh Boulevard Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Elmwood
    The trees and weeds on Lindbergh are now growing so high and covering the traffic light at Eastwick and Lindbergh. Also, I've witnessed a woman trying to walk on the sidewalk and she couldn't get through all the trees and weeds that she had to go into the street! We have many handicapped in the area with wheelchairs - you will force them into the street because of the sidewalk being blocked!
  • 2800 Bittern Place Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Elmwood
    Has the City forgotten about cutting the grass on this beautiful street in the culdesac (middle of the street)? I know it has rained alot recently, but is it scheduled soon?
  • 6571-6577 Lindbergh Blvd Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Elmwood
    The overgrown trees and bushes from the yards along Lindbergh Boulevard (between 65th and Harley Place) are blocking the sidewalks. I have witnessed people walking in the street on Lindbergh Boulevard because they cannot stay on the sidewalk! This is extremely dangerous and also a violation of city ordinances! These people should be fined for not caring for their property!
  • Eastwick And Lindbergh (Intersection) Philadelphia, PA - Elmwood
    Traffic light not visible due to an overgrown tree......hazard!!!
  • 65th And Lindbergh Philadelphia, PA - Elmwood
    The corner property has overgrown trash, broken fence and trash overflowing onto the sidewalk. People waiting for the 37 bus must stand around the mess on the corner and walk through knee high grass to get on the bus! Now kids are standing as well. Small children won't be seen with this grass height! This is disgusting and an eye sore! Take care of your property!!!!
  • 1521 Columbus Boulevard Philadelphia, PA - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen
    No working toilet at this business, even for employees.
  • 65th And Lindbergh Philadelphia, PA - Elmwood
    both residences on the corners have overgrown grass that is coming over onto the sidewalk. You can barely walk by and get attacked by mosquitoes.
  • Eastwick And Lindbergh Philadelphia, PA - Elmwood
    The tree branches need to be cut back in order to see the traffic light at the intersection of Eastwick and Lindbergh. thank you!
  • 65th And Lindbergh Philadelphia, PA - Elmwood
    Overgrown grass in their yard, as well as on the corner of 65th and Lindbergh. People getting on the 37 bus have to walk through knee high weeds and grass to get on the bus! That is disgusting and unfair for these owners to neglect their property!
  • Bittern Place And Eastwick Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Elmwood
    The alley behind the houses on Bittern Place that lead out onto Eastwick Avenue is completely blocked by vines and bushes overgrown from the yards that you cannot go through the alley. I am worried in case of an emergency.
  • 65th And Lindbergh Philadelphia, PA - Elmwood
    there is overgrown grass all along the block of 65th and Lindbergh (near Bittern Place) - its about waist high - where the people waiting for the bus can't walk thru to get on the bus- its an awful site
  • 6254 Lindbergh Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19142, USA - Philadelphia Planning District Lower Southwest
    There is always trash dumped along Eastwick Avenue between 63rd and 65th. And now there are large cargo trucks (Family Dollar) parking along Eastwick. Our neighborhood is not a truck depot! - can signs be posted about the dumping? and a weekly clean up of trash, tires and furniture?
  • 65th And Lindbergh Boulevard Philadelphia, PA - Elmwood
    If you are turning left onto Lindbergh from Eastwick Avenue -- the trees are so overgrown - you can't see the traffic light. The trees should be cut. Is this a homeowner or city issue?
  • 65th To 63rd And Eastwick Avenue Southwest Philly, Philadelphia, PA - Elmwood
    There has been consistent and constant dumping along Eastwick Avenue between 65th and 63rd Street. The trash in the streets is terrible. Is there any way to put more "No Dumping" signs and also to have the mattress and sofa that someone dumped there picked up ASAP! thanks!!!