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  • Sidewalk Surface Acknowledged
    890 Juniper St Ne Atlanta, GA 30309, USA - Atlanta
    The 4x4 pavers are falling apart in this area of the south planter on Juniper St. A couple are missing as the turrets of rain water carry them down Juniper.
  • Sidewalk Surface Acknowledged
    906-908 Piedmont Ave Ne Atlanta, GA 30309, USA - Atlanta
    The sidewalk has a large section missing. It drops down @ 10" x 9'x6' to dirt and gravel. I have seen patrons that use this section of the side walk trip and fall. Patrons that are wheel chair bound have to steer out onto Juniper st. And hope not to get run over by passing motorist.
    Please repair this section of hazardous sidewalk quickly before someone gets seriously injured!