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  • 153 Deans Mill Rd Stonington, CT - Stonington

    There is a 4-way stop at this intersection, and due to the steep grades and thick foliage, it is difficult to see cars approaching from one's right or left. Traffic on Dean's Mill routinely fails to stop at this intersection, a fact all too familiar to me since I am frequently entering the intersection from Montauk Ave. This situation is made worse by the fact that the stop sign for eastbound traffic on Dean's Mill (ie, toward the Dean's Mill School) is obscured a tree and foliage until a car is nearly at the stop line. I have had multiple close calls with vehicles traveling at speed on Dean's Mill that are taken by surprise when they suddenly discover another vehicle crossing their path from Montauk Ave.

    I think this situation could be greatly improved simply by putting a 2nd stop sign on the LEFT side of Dean's Mill Rd. This sign would be visible as soon as a driver bears right onto Dean's Mill at the intersection with Mistuxet and Pellegrino. A center-line flexible sign would do as well. Please contact me if I can provide additional information.