• Buena Vista & Olive Corona, California - Corona
    On Buena Vista near the entrance to the alley a shopping cart has been on the sidewalk/parkway for a couple of weeks.
  • Harris And Alta Loma Corona, California - Corona
    Pepper tree branches hanging so low it is touching car roof view is obstructed turning right onto Harris from Alta Loma
  • Harris & Bluecrest Corona, California - Corona
    The sidewalk & parkway along Harris (before alley entrance on east side) is a mess. I tried walking pushing a stroller and had to walk in the dirt parkway which was also difficult. There is dead plant debris on the sidewalk which has to be walked around.
  • Harris And Alta Loma Drive Corona, California - Corona
    This trees branches are so low that to turn right onto Harris from Alta Loma you need to go wide away from the corner to avoid having the top of your car scraped by the branches. It needs to be trimmed asap.
  • 937 Alta Loma Drive Corona, California - Corona
    Older dark SUV with a For Sale sign in window parked for over a week in front of 937 Alta Loma Drive.
  • 932 Alta Loma Drive Corona California - Corona
    White Mercedes SUV has been parked in front of 932 Alta Loma Drive for over 2 weeks. The car has not been moved no lic plate in front only on the back. This home has multiple cars coming and going at different times during the week due to having a car dealership or something of that nature, It seems they park their overflow in their driveway or on the street. Photo attached is driveway with cars crammed onto it...6 or 7 which will be moved and others come and go..this morning April 2nd
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    967 Bluecrest Corona, California - Corona
    Multiple cars (over 5) in driveway and more parked on the street. Is a business being run at this house?
  • 938 Alta Loma Drive Corona, California - Corona
    This rental has had 2 non running cars parked in front it for well over a month. One is a white Cadillac Escalade, the other a 2 door black coupe Cavalier. There are about 6 cars parked in front of this rental as they rent out rooms. This causes problems for home owners who need to park on the street as well.
  • Corner Of Harris And Alta Loma Drive Corona, California - Corona
    Pepper tree branches/leaves low enough to brush the top of our car when we are turning left from Alta Loma Drive onto Harris St.
  • 932 Alta Loma Drive Corona, California - Corona
    Silver Audi parked in front of 932 Alta Loma Drive for about 2 weeks. It is coverd in dust/dirt.
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    931 Alta Loma Drive Corona, California - Corona
    Vendors pushing cart on the sidewalk and honking a horn continually. This hadn't happened in our area for a long time and do not want it to start again. The noise is really obnoxious.
  • Graffiti Archived
    2100 Sampson Corona, California - Corona
    Large graffiti on sides of buildings facing railroad tracks across from shopping centers on Sampson
  • 715 East Grand Boulevard Corona, California - Corona
    Gang graffiti on white stucco wall facing 7-Eleven
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    1500 West 6th Street Corona, California - Corona
    CVS parking lot is filthy; trash and debris throughout all the shrubbery surrounding the parking lot. It looks lie nothing has been picked up or cleaned up for weeks. Very shabby looking for a business.
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    900 Citron Street Corona, California - Corona
    Vendors set up a cart and selling watermelon on the corner of Buena Vista and Citron on Saturday all day.
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    900 W 10th Corona, California - Corona
    On the NW corner of Buena Vista and W. 10th street there has been a vendor setting a fairly good size area of oranges for sale. I have seen this now a few times as I drive past. I'm guessing they shoud have some kind of health certificate or permission to do this?
  • 1100-1214 South Lincoln Avenue Behind Shopping Center Corona, California - Corona
    QUIKS that is the graffiti on the back of some of the shops at 6th and Lincoln It's been there for a long time.
  • 938 Alta Loma Drive Corona, CA - Corona
    A car repair in the alley behind this house. It was in a house at 941 Alta Loma Dr until code closed it down. They moved it to this rental. There are approx 7+ cars parked on our street most of the time that are from this property.
  • 938 Alta Loma Drive Corona, CA - Corona
    Everyday a hot pink 4 dr Chevy Blazer comes to a rental across the street. The driver leaves the car running while he goes inside..the car is blaring, blasting bass so low it rattles our windows and is felt up & down the street. I've called the landlord and explained but no action has been taken. I have the car lic #, do I give it to police and make a complaint? what do we do?
  • Olive & Buena Vista Corona, CA - Corona
    I'd like to know the city's code on parties held in backyards that involve porta potties, microphones, sound systems that blast music for blocks in every direction. Now that it is warmer, every weekend involves having to deal with home parties that would be more suitable in a banquet hall. What is the protocol on this? We are being blasted with professional sound systems for hours on end.