• 950 Forge Ave Norristown, PA 19403, USA - Audubon
    We are constantly overwelmed by dogs mess being sprayed on our property, flies being flooded in our house to the neighbors un healthy dog area. Now today we have dog mess in our drive way which was sprayed from their side HELP PLEASE. Dogs have also almost destroyed the parting fence which is a major safety risk
  • 900 Block Of Sanger And Frontnac Streets Philadelphia, PA - Summerdale

    Two families have been feeding Squirrels and Pigeons with old house bird seed and old bread. In front of their house and majorly the drive way. The one family is the house who's wall resides facing the drive way (corner house) and 952 Sanger Street.

    Per the PSPCA this is illegal in the city?
    §10-110. Feeding Pigeons. [20]

    (1) No person shall feed any pigeon in any public street, square, park, or place of public resort

  • Sanger Street - Frontonac Street Philadelphia, PA - City Center West
    The neighborhood has become a Pep Boys people - sometimes not even from the area are parking their broken down cars taking up space and then parts are left in the street with NO ONE to clean it up. This causes legit cars to become damaged - tires etc. This is becoming a large and fast problem in the area one block a person is installing car radio systems out in the street and testing them at off time hours blasting loud and vulgar music. Please HELP the neighborhood PLEASE
  • 952 Sanger St Philadelphia, PA - Summerdale
    900 East Block of Sanger Street. 952 Sanger has multiple Pit Bull Dogs and keeps them in a non secure fence and leaves them their to release their bowles without properly cleaning it up. It is weekly sprayed leaving the smell or urine and bowel movements and dog hair to be passed on to the neighbors and when complained about it was stated (this is just inevitable). The fence has been greatly damaged without repair and can become more and possible dogs might harm passers by. This is unhealthy and the smell is toxic to the children and adults in the immediate area. Something must be done prior to a summer with this again. PLEASE HELP
  • 900 Block Of East Sanger Street Philadelphia, PA - Summerdale
    Along Frontenac Street and the 900 Block of Sanger there are numerous abandon cars on the streets taking parking spots for true home owners. There is a Store on the corner of Sanger and Frontenac Street where the family who runs the store has a total of 8 cars which have been sitting on the street unless they are working on them on the neighborhood streets they sit and sit. How can these cars be removed? Is there a Max of Autos you can have? And the signs that stated no truck parking from 6-6 were removed how can these be replaced? Please advise.