• Big Bethel Rd Hampton, VA - Northampton
    I had this open and it was repaired so I closed it. However yesterday I hit it and the pothole has opened back up. It is like the patch came out because it is the same as before!
  • Magruder Blvd Hampton, VA - Mercury Central
    Traveling south on Magruder as you move into the turn lanes to take a left onto Hardy Cash, there is a pot hole that is about a foot by a foot by about a foot deep. I have almost hit other cars avoiding it the first time and have almost been hit since for the same reason.
  • Big Bethel Rd Hampton, VA - Northampton

    The turn lanes in this area are frequently flooded because the drains are filled with leaves in fall, pollen in spring and trash most of the year.
    I know the street sweepers have routes they follow because the surrounding neighborhoods are fairly well swept and clean. Can the turn lanes be added to the route, and maybe extra sweeps in the spring and fall?

    1alpha, don't tell me to close this blog, I will close it when I see a change or get an answer from the city, not you!

  • Big Bethel Rd Hampton, VA - Northampton
    There is a repair hole in the turn lane that has some asphalt in it. I say a repair hole because it has cut edges and you can see some new patch in it when you drive by.
    Last night I hit this hole and thought I was going to lose a tire! Please have whoever didn't fix this to swing by and do so soon!
  • 56th St & City Line Rd Newport News , VA - Aberdeen
    The road condition at the intersection of 56th St & City Line Rd is totally unaceptable. The man holes are like huge bumps because the road has sunk so bad!
  • 1923-1931 Power Plant Pkwy Hampton, VA 23666, USA - Aberdeen
    This light will not change for a single motorcycle. I sat through two light cycles before a car came to the light and on that cycle the turn light worked. I am not talking a moped but a Harley, the light should change for a bike!
  • 1300-1500 Todds Ln Hampton Hampton, VA - Northampton
    Reported before and here we go again. I have used the 311 number and nothing happened, used this site and nothing happened and last night there were 2 cars I know of that were stalled in the road because the water. If this was a tidal area I would say their fault and not worry about it. This is not a tidal area (17' above sea level, if that was from the tide then everywhere below that would have flooded), it is just poor drainage due to debris in the drainage system. Why is it the city of Hampton can build the Power Plant and the new Colosieum Mall/Shopping area but can't clear out a drain? Maybe the next time we get rain the people that are in charge of the drainage division should be out explaining to the people why they do not feel it important enough to do their jobs!
  • Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel Hampton, VA, USA - Hampton
    Both directions in the right lane there are craters (not potholes they are craters!). I know they are caused by the truckers hauling a lot of weight through the tunnel but maybe this needs to be on a patching/maintenance schedule.
  • Monitor Merrimac Memorial Bridge Tunnel Newport News, VA, USA - Newport News
    Both directions in the right lane there are craters (not potholes they are craters!). I know they are caused by the truckers hauling a lot of weight through the tunnel but maybe this needs to be on a patching/maintenance schedule.
  • Hampton Roads Center Pkwy Hampton, VA 23666, USA - Northampton
    Going North on Big Bethel and turning East on Hampton Center Parkway there is not a merge/ acceleration lane. Why is this the only part of this intersection that does not have an acceleration lane? Going the other direction there is one and the speed limit is 45, in this direction it is 55! Further down the road they added one about a mile long to come out of the old Gateway area, in fact it continues all the way to the next exit. I suggest the same thing be done here. I notice a lot more traffic here than I have ever seen coming out of the Gateway area.
  • 1225-921 Big Bethel Rd Hampton, VA 23666, USA - Northampton
    When someone was killed in an accident on Bethel the speed limit was changed from 40 to 35 between Hampton Center Parkway and Todds Lane. However because no enforcement the speed limit might as well be 50. I have been on this road doing 40 and get passed like I am sitting still. It is wrong for me to do 40 but somethimes you have to because the flow of traffic. When you cross Todds lane it goes down to 30 with an added $200 fine. What does it take to get the enforcement in this area that we get down there?
  • Large Dip Archived
    17-23 Michaels Woods Dr Hampton, VA 23666, USA - Northampton
    There is a manhole in the road and a LARGE dip just past it as entering Micheals Woods. There was some construction there fixing it a couple of years ago. It was good until the next big rain, I called it into the 311 after that. They came and fixed it again but again, that was good until the next big rain. Once again I called it in and nothing has been done since then. Is there any way that they can come and fix the base correctly and fix the pavement. There are several other dips leading up to it also.
  • 900-910 Big Bethel Rd Hampton, VA 23666, USA - Northampton
    1. When going south on Bethel and turning left onto Todds lane the turn light has a short timing. During busy times it can take 2-3 cycles to get through the turn.
    2. If you are going the other direction you are allowed to make the left turn when the traffic is clear but when going south it is only when you have a turn signal. Make it the same on both sides, guess I better say make it allowed to turn when clear and not just with turn light.
  • Trolls Archived
    21 Emrick Ave Newport News, VA 23601, USA - Newport News city
    I went to Deer Park recently and was trying to a hobby called Geocaching. To learn more do a google search on it. Anyway I noticed that anytime I went into the woods I was followed by someone, always a male. The men were obvious they were seeking gay public sex. Maybe it is time to send someone in undercover and see for yourself. The worst place was in the back around the bathroom. I went into the woods and was followed, didn't realize at first what was going on, but when I did I left the woods. I went to my car over by the bathroom and another guy was there in his car. As I approached he got out and started grabbing himself and trying to get close.
    Sad that this happens but when someone can't even enjoy a public park...
  • 1400-1500 Todds Ln Hampton, VA 23666, USA - Northampton
    Due to the length of the drainage problem area from about 1400-1500 Todds Lane there is obviously a clogged drain system some place in the area. Any time there is a rain storm there is a long strip of water back ups in the area. I have forgot this before and it is like a long lake.I believe that the problem is over time debris has gotten in these drains and causes the backup. It is at it's worst by Northampton Church of Christ, right across from the school. The anount of flooding is really made dangerous if school is to let out when there is a rainstorm. I hate to think what would happen if some little child drowned trying to cross the street.
  • 614-674 Denbigh Blvd Newport News, VA 23608, USA - Newport News city
    Turn lane light sensors not sensitive enough to pick up motorcycles. Not like I am talking a little moped, I have a Harley Davidson Heritage Softail. I notice this at night when there is less traffic. However after sitting through a couple of light changes a car will eventually pull in behind me and then the light changes. I have this problem at all the lights between Turnberry and Denbigh. I have taken rights to get to a differant light and have the same problem even at the Denbigh Crossing Shopping Center entrance.