• 413-429 Dyer Ave Cranston, RI 02920, USA - Cranston
    Someone has just gone on a vandalism spree in Pocasset Cemetery, knocking over and breaking many, many historic gravestones. Go to the back far left of the cemetery and it will be heartbreakingly obvious.
  • 400 Dyer Ave Cranston, RI 02920, USA - Cranston
    WHAT DOES IT TAKE to get someone in Cranston to organize a clean up???? Someone nearby is doing demolition and DUMPING their materials at the back. A house, maybe a rental.Again today.
  • 413-429 Dyer Ave Cranston, RI 02920, USA - Cranston

    AUG 19 UPDATE: Dumped demolition garbage is still here, but NOW, brilliantly, people are driving around it ONTO the gravestone markers. Gravestones with tire tread marks. Excellent. Someone in the city come and pick this STUFF UP!!!

    Building demolition materials dumped off the back of a truck right into the road. Back of main area, to the right. Recurring problem.

  • 92 Petteys Ave Providence, RI 02909, USA - Hartford

    Early in the morning at about 5-6am, Johnston Landfill routinely releases a methane gas on a routine basis. This gas invades and covers the south and south-east suburbs. It smells like sewage and noxious chemicals all mixed together. This happens on many mornings, including every day of this last week, ranging over the last two years (at least). I know that this is methane gas because when I finally tracked down the problem, I spoke with the landfill's manager, who told me this was the case.

    I have tried to enlist responses in many different ways, all with no results at all. What does it take??

  • 1850 Westminster St Providence, RI 02909, USA - Olneyville
    Two way traffic dividing line is not visible. Causing problems as east-bound traffic regularly crosses over into oncoming traffic. Yikes!
  • 166-208 Petteys Ave Providence, RI 02909, USA - Hartford
    Old brick crosswalk, pretty much destroyed and routinely turning into enormous potholes during the winter. Patched and patched and patched. Fills up with deep puddles when it rains. Regular crossing for school kids.
  • 542-552 U.S. 6 Alt Providence, RI 02909, USA - Hartford
    Heavily used bus route and stop, desperate for protection from sun/rain/snow. Plenty of room, unused lot can accommodate a medium to large bus shelter. Please!!!
  • Park St Providence, RI 02908, USA - Downtown
    Cars come at a high speed thru this turn, some jump the curb. This is the walkway past the mall parking entrance and across the bridge. There's no protection for pedestrians. This location needs a heavy duty guard rail at the bridge and a yield sign at the mall entrance.
  • 225 Plainfield St Providence, RI 02909, USA - Silverlake
    Patches over patches over patches means that this section of surface road is in dire need of full resurfacing, not more patching (of which there has been none this year anyway.) Westside residents need functional roads, too.
  • 166-208 Petteys Ave Providence, RI 02909, USA - Hartford
    Halfway down Petteys Ave towards Hartford, the sidewalk abruptly disappears. There's a well-worn dirt path from school kids and local residents that must use this walking route every day. This is dangerous, stupid and needs to be addressed.
  • 518-526 Hartford Ave Providence, RI 02909, USA - Hartford
    Old brick pedestrian walkways and a 4-way intersection have crumbled beyond recognition and use. These are in need of complete replacement, not the usual patching. Location of high volume of pedestrian and car traffic, including school kids.
  • 53 Petteys Ave Providence, RI 02909 - Hartford
    A big fire closed this house down. The owner needs to come and deal with all the 4 foot high weeds that have grown during the summer.