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  • 1900 Clarendon Arlington, Virginia - Radnor-Ft Myer Heights
    Cars crest the hill at a high rate of speed, and in a blind situation. The crosswalk is located immediately past the blind spot. It should be moved 50m East to the park/ across from 1900 Clarendon to give drivers ample time to see pedestrians. This has lead to multiple accidents over the summer resulting in 1) broken curb 2) downed sapling/tree only because the drivers went off the road. Eventually someone will get hit.
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  • 2038-2048 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA 22201, USA - Colonial Village
    The ever present panhandlers loitering the Courthouse Metro stop have become increasingly more aggressive lately. They seem to be younger too. Today I watched a man pursue an elderly woman in a deliberately threatening manner while panhandling. Clearly she was victimized for her demographic, as another person engaged in a similar manner may have been justified to react physically. This needs to be cleaned up ASAP.
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  • 1505 Quinn Street Arlington, VA - Radnor-Ft Myer Heights
    The tree adjacent to Rahill Apartments is overgrown and contacting the roof and chimney. This is already a fire hazard and will become a worse collision hazard with the approaching hurricane season. A tree branch fell today on 16th street contacting a power line and hitting a car. The trees in this area are in need of maintenance and trimming where they contact power lines and rooftops.
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