• 55 99 Jefferson St Newtonville, MA 02458, USA - Newton
    I don't think the people heading towards the Pike on Centre always realize Jefferson is there. It's hard to notice, thus when trying to pull onto Centre from Jefferson, especially at the end of the work day, the intersection is often blocked. To make matters worse, the light only lets about 2 cars through before it changes.
  • 279 291 Centre St Newtonville, MA 02458, USA - Newton
    I work in a building at this intersection and I cross the streets here every day, M-F. Cars are ALWAYS still getting through the light after the crosswalk has signaled for us to cross. Sometimes it is definitely a bad driver, but other times I think the lights are just not timed correctly. All of the crosswalks in this area give the signal to cross at the same time, but the lights and streets are really funky and do not really lend themselves to having the same schedule for their respective crosswalks.