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  • 7650 Bayshore Drive Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island
    This dirt parking lot is frequently pocketed with enough water to prevent at least 1/3 of the spaces from being utilized by vehicles, thus reducing meter income. Periodic attempts at regrading with additional dirt have proven fruitless (see photo taken today). The lack of sufficient dirt to properly grade water runoff to the relatively new sewer drains makes those drains ineffective. A properly graded and paved lot would ensure runoff goes in the drains and maximize the city's metered income. It would also provide more of a 20th century image to this lot.
  • 7600 Bayshore Drive Treasure Island, FL - Treasure Island
    Across from 7600 Bayshore Drive there is a sandbar in the intracoastal waterway which has become a dog beach. It was my understanding that that no dogs were allowed on Treasure Island beaches.