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  • 2601 Glenwood Avenue Raleigh, NC 27608, USA - Wade

    I try to walk home from downtown to my home near Glenwood and Pasquotank three days a week and take the bus to work. I have to have my husband pick me up at the Harris Teeter because there are no sidewalks on Glenwood. Any plans to add sidewalks on Glenwood from women's Club Drive to Oberlin so neighbors can walk to the Harris Teeter and other shops and restaurants in Glenwood Village? Any plans for covered bus stops?

    Thank you !

  • 3358 Alamance Drive Raleigh, NC 27609, USA - Glenwood
    Crosswalk button at Pasquotank and Glenwood. When I pressed the button, I was startled out of my shoes by a voice screaming "WAIT!" Though I tried to wait patiently as i retied my shoes, the rude voice kept screaming at me to WAIT! I finally had to jaywalk to get away from the ear piercing noise and I could still hear it screaming at me as I scurried down Glenwood. Really? Do we need more noise pollution? What's wrong with the gentle chirping for visually impaired and sighted alike? I can't believe adjacent home owners aren't complaining about this racket! Not a good idea. This obnoxious device actually encouraged me to jaywalk.
  • 3350 Alamance Dr Raleigh, NC 27609, USA - Glenwood
    Would it be possible to place s trash bin at the Crabtree Greenway entrance at Buncombe and Allegheny? I pick up a lot of trash on the greenway and it would be nice to not have to carry it home. Thank you for your consideration.
  • Road 31 Havana, KS 67347, USA - US Congressional District KS4
    Two (2) unauthorized vehicles have been parking on the crabtree creek greenway just past the entrance at the intersection of Alleghany and Allamance. One car has NC plates the other SC plates - GHZ 731. The blocker is down due to construction on Alleghany. They park there around 7 am each morning.