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The fence is still down.
It's still down.
Outstanding for 271 days and still has not been done. The city will be all up in arms if somebody trips over the fence on the sidewalk and gets hurt, won't they!
The fence is still down, completely covering the sidewalk. People have to walk in the street to get around it.
Issue is closed
Issue Closed
Close this issue. Sneakers are off the line. Thank you.
The sneakers are still on the line.
The sneakers are still hanging on the line. Please, please get them down. Where I come from, sneakers on the line mean a drug house is open in the area. There is no drug house in this area, me and my neighbors make sure of that. So i don't know who put those sneakers on the line.
Six and counting. Please take care of this problem before there are more people living in this dwelling. With no electric people tend to light candles to create light which also create burned downs houses.

There is no address that I know of. This is a small grass and trees area like a park but not quite big enough to be a park.

Jo White