Sue P.

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  • Pothole Archived
    Ridge Ave & Calumet St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - East Falls
    There is a pothole on Ridge Ave. that is very hard to avoid while turning onto Calumet.
  • 3628 Calumet Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - East Falls
    The Calumet St. Bridge is one way coming up from Ridge. People constantly ignore the DO NOT ENTER signs and cross the bridge illegally. Sometimes they make a mad dash down Calumet like driving fast makes it OK. Sometimes they turn down Skidoo St. unaware or indifferent to pedestrians ready to step off the bridge. Half the time those ignorant people are on the phone and not paying any attention. The police haven't ticketed anyone that I have seen in months. Are they going to wait until someone is hit? The close calls happen on a regular basis and are very scary. Since the police don't enforce the DO NOT ENTER signs, maybe the walls can be cut down to make pedestrians visible.