Rank: City Fixer Civic Points: 2,420
  • 1299 Boyd Fitchlic Rd Palm Harbor, FL 34684, USA - Palm Harbor
    There is a low hanging branch obscuring the stop sign at Talley Dr.and CR 90. Cars are constantly blowing thru it.
  • Road Issue Archived
    Corner Of Talley Rd And Wynford Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Corner of Wynford and Talley .This road was repaved a year or so ago and the contractors never removed those green things they use to block the drains. There are two of them across the eoad from each other.
    They are gross eyesores.
  • 246 Talley Dr Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    There had been an abandoned sofa near the street in front of this house for over a month. It needs to be disposed of properly.
  • 2666 Megan Ct Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    1035 CR 90, Palm Harbor Fl 34684. Numerous vehicles are parked on the front lawn of this address including a large RV, monster truck on a trailer, a boat and other stuff. This is a real eyesore and has been there for a long time.
  • 2666 Megan Ct Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Vacant lot between 238 and 246 Talley Rd Palm Harbor 34684 is overgrown and being used as a dumping ground (possibly by neighbors?)