Lawrence Street Neighbor

  • 238 Lawrence St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - East Rock
    Is it possible to have a second blue recycling bin delivered to my address? During normal times, our bin is nearly filled each week, however with additional family members in the house during social distancing, we do not have enough capacity for all our recyclables. We likely don't need a large blue bin, but could work with a small one, if available. I know this may not seem like an urgent situation, but for us, it is!
  • 238 Lawrence St New Haven 06511, United States - East Rock
    Package stolen from front porch sometime between 11:14 am and 1:25 pm on Sunday. No cameras. Police notified. If anyone saw anything, please comment. USPS is complicit in these thefts. Unlike other carriers, who will deliver to back door if requested, USPS claims delivery to back door is a “safety hazard” for its carriers.
  • 238 Lawrence Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    In Wednesday's WINTER STORM INFO/PARKING BAN NOTICE, it was noted that trash collection was "scheduled for Friday". Our usual pick-up is on Thursday. Since we had already dragged our bins out to the curb, when we read the notice, we dragged them back onto our property to prevent them being plowed under overnight. On Thursday night, we dragged them out to the end of our driveway, the only place they would be accessible to the refuse crew., expecting them to be emptied on Friday as the City's notice seemed to indicate. There was no pick up. Are we now supposed to wait until next Thursday??
  • Lawrence Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    Did the City REALLY have to wait until 6:45 pm on Wednesday to notify East Rockthat trash pick-up will be on its normal day?? I assume other neighborhoods got the same treatment. Perhaps notification of this fact CITYWIDE should have been provided last week BEFORE the holidays. It doesn't take much to be organized and accountable to the citizens whose hard-earned tax dollars pay your salaries!
  • 528 Orange Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    This bin at the corner of Orange and Pearl Streets is constantly overflowing. Perhaps public works should schedule more frequent emptying? It's a health hazard, will attract rodents and is unsightly.
  • Street Lamp Archived
    238 Lawrence Street New Haven, Connecticut - Annex
    Street light failing, cycling on (dimly) and off. Heavily traveled pedestrian route - very dark.
  • Whitney Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    Both the northbound and southbound sides of Whitney Avenue have not been properly plowed, leaving this normally four-lane main artery effectively as one lane in either direction. With the parking ban lifted, areas of the road where cars are parked are less than one lane. This is a hazard! Please address it immediately. If necessary, post signs for overnight snow removal.
  • Lawrence Street Between Livingston Street And Whitney Avenue New Haven, CT - East Rock
    There is a Residential Parking Zone on this block of Lawrence Street. The City has issued parking permits to employees of Planned Parenthood, without consulting residents of the block, to allow them to park on the street. These sometimes numerous cars parked on both sides of the street create safety hazards for motorists and pedestrians alike because they block sight lines and narrow the width of the street for drivers, making it difficult or impossible for two cars to pass. There have been many near accidents at the intersection of Lawrence Street and Whitney Avenue because of this decreased width and the blocked sight lines. This is exacerbated by an uptick in speeding traffic on Lawrence Street since the institution of traffic calming on Edwards Street and will be further exacerbated by the aftermath of a significant snowfall.
  • Lawrence Streer And Whitney Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    Due to plowing on the east side of Whitney Avenue, there is a snow bank spanning the crosswalk on Lawrence Street, making it dangerous for cars entering and leaving Lawrence Street at Whitney Avenue. Cars are getting stuck.
  • Corner Of Willow & Orange Streets New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    The pedestrian signal on the southwest corner of Willow and Orange Streets is obscured by overgrown hedges and not visible to pedestrians crossing from the northwest side of Willow Street.
  • 225 Lawrence Street New Haven, CT 06511 - East Rock
    Streetlight bulb cycling on and off and flickering. When light is out it leaves a significant portion of the public sidewalk and street in darkness.
  • 238 Lawrence St. New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    bulb cycles on and off. when light is out, this area of the block is very dark. this street is highly-traveled by pedestrians making darkness an unsafe condition