Rank: Civic Crusader Civic Points: 335
  • 1219 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    Pack of obnoxious bums hangs around in front of the shuttered storefronts on Chestnut Street. They're only well mannered when they're begging for change... right next door to the liquor store... not real subtle. Other times they shout at passers by, harass women, etc. I guess the old bank building at 1201 finally kicked them out but they don't want to move too far from the liquor store!
  • 1523 Spruce Philadelphia, PA - Rittenhouse Square
    Every weekday morning during rush hour, a string of delivery trucks block the bike lane in front of Spruce St. Market. This stretch of Spruce is heavily travelled during the morning commute by bike and auto commuters alike. Having the trucks continually blocking the lane endangers cyclists and snarls up traffic when the cyclists have to veer out into the car lane -- though some also jump up on the sidewalk, which is dangerous for pedestrians.
  • 13th And Filbert Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    Cabs treat the right turn lane on 13th just south of Filbert as overflow parking for the cab stand at the hotel. Cars trying to make a right turn get stuck behind these cabs and then veer out into the bike lane unpredictably.